The new report details Apple’s iPhone (and other gadgets) plans this year

A new report by Debbie Wu and Mark Gurman of Bloomberg stated that Apple tasked its suppliers with manufacturing “at least 75 million” 5G iPhones. It is in the ballpark of what was produced last year, so Apple is expecting strong sales despite the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

More interesting for our purposes, though, are those that look like tidbits about iPhones and Apple’s other products planned for release this year.
Citing people familiar with the situation, the Bloomberg story claims that Apple has a busy holiday season ahead. Sources say that Apple plans to launch four 5G iPhone models, a new iPad Air, two new Apple Watch models, over-ear headphones and a new HomePod speaker. He also hinted at the modestly updated Apple TV 4K and the long-rumored Airtag product, but the story did not claim that they were coming this year.
Let’s start with the iPhone. Sources in Bloomberg say that there will be two entry-level models (up from one last year, the iPhone 11) and two high-end successors, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. While the main split between the cheap iPhone and its pricier siblings has been the choice between an LCD and an OLED screen these past few years, sources claim that all four new iPhone models will have OLED screens.

Those screens will also come in new sizes. The cheaper iPhone will come in 5.4- and 6.1-inch variants, while the premium option will come in 6.1 and 6.7 inches. All four devices will also have 5G, although sources say some testers have reported that the feature has not improved their wireless data speeds on current nascent 5G networks.
In any case, the phone will have all of Apple’s new A14 systems-on-a-chip and will see a significant redesign since the introduction of the iPhone X in 2017. All four phones will be on the edges, similar to the iPad. Pro or honors the iPhone 4 and 5 for a few years. The two cheaper models will have aluminum edges, while the more expensive ones will be stainless steel – the same division we see between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 today.
In addition, Apple plans to ax the Midnight Green color, which it introduced last year for high-end iPhones and replace it with the new Dark Blue scheme.

Apple had already indicated to investors that the new iPhones would ship a few weeks after last year’s model. That said, iOS 14 is still expected to launch in September. (Earlier, its release was paired with the new iPhone earlier in the year.)
As with other products mentioned in the report, the new iPad Air is expected to have an edge-to-edge screen similar to the design of the recent iPad Pro model. Two of Apple’s new watches include a successor to the Series 5, as well as a replacement for the Series 3 at a lower price. Apple also plans to offer over-ear headphones that will carry the Apple brand name instead of the Beats, and a smaller HomePod speaker that trades fewer speakers for a lower price.
All of these products are planned to be released by the end of this year — meaning Apple has a very busy season. However, specific launch dates are not known for any of them, in addition there are plans to launch new iPhones a few weeks later than last year.

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