The new "Overwatch" map leaves players in elegant Paris – Variety

Paris is the latest location coming to "Overwatch" Blizzard revealed on Wednesday, and the badault map will be launched on the PTR so that fans can see it immediately.

The map will allow players to travel through iconic scenes in the world-famous city, fighting through narrow streets and corridors before colliding along the Seine.

The map also features the Cabaret Luna, home to the musical talents of the diva Luna, the P√Ętisserie Galand, and the Maison Marat, a grand palace that hosts a gala in the heart of the city.

"Overwatch" now has 20 maps, the dozen with which the game was originally sent along with the eight maps added after the launch. Blizzard tends to launch three new maps a year. The last competitive game map released was the Korean-themed control map, Busan. It was revealed during the August Korea Overwatch Fan Festival when it was added to the game's PTR server. He arrived at the servers live on September 11, 2018.

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