The new Nissan Z could start at $ 34,995, will have a 400 HP V6 engine and a six-speed manual transmission: report

There will also supposedly be three update packages: a “Type S”, a “Type T” and a “Type ST”. The “S” is said to offer Brembo brakes, thicker anti-roll bars, better cooling, and other benefits. Meanwhile, the “T” touts a bevy of more comfort-oriented options, such as power-adjustable heated and cooled leather seats, a suite of driver assistance and other niceties, including blind spot monitoring. The “ST” car supposedly gets these two groups of options, each of which is priced at $ 5,000 individually or $ 10,000 when purchased together in the ST car.

And yes, cheer up, because supposedly a version of Nismo is on the way, and according to the source “it will not be just a body kit.” They claim that the VR30 engine will be tuned for more power, the suspension will be even tighter, and there will likely be a new exhaust system as well.

There are no details on pricing for that car yet, but Nissan reportedly has its sights set squarely on the Supra. Soon, we’ll find out if Toyota made a mistake in offering its revived sports car without a stick and at a relatively high cost to consumers. The new Z looks cheaper, more powerful and more fun to drive, so it might just be a wake-up call.

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