The new Hubble image has thousands of multi-colored stars

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope featured an image showing the space agency saying “full of stars” – a part of the universe filled with thousands of multicolored stars. The photograph captures a “spherical” cluster named NGC 1805, located near the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy on the Milky Way.

A star filled sky: potw2036a.jpg

© ESA / Hubble and NASA, J. Kalirai

Hubble telescope captures spiral galaxy 70 million light-years away

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Typically, spherical clusters have stars that originate at the same time, NASA said. But NGC 1805 is unusual – scientists believe it has two distinct populations of stars that are millions of years apart.

NASA compared the close orbit of the star to the honeybee hive. The agency said that it is unlikely that the stars in the center will be orbited by the planets, as they are 100 to 1,000 times closer, higher than our Sun than the nearest stars.

A star in the middle of the night: The image of the spherical cluster NGC 1805 taken by the NASA / ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows several colored stars locked together.  / Credit: ESA / Hubble and NASA, J.  Kalirai

© provided by CBS News
In the image of the spherical cluster NGC 1805 taken by the NASA / ESA Hubble Space Telescope, several colored stars are locked together. / Credit: ESA / Hubble and NASA, J. Kalirai

The cluster “Dorado” appears from the southern hemisphere in the constellations.

The Hubble position in space provides the unique ability to capture different wavelengths of light. Earth’s atmosphere absorbs the most ultraviolet light, making it impossible to distinguish clusters in star colors from the ground to observe.

The image combines different types of light to highlight notable differences in star colors – blue stars, brightest near ultraviolet light, and red stars, bright in red and near infrared.

Astronomers are interested in observing groups such as NGC 1805 to learn more about the evolution of stars, as well as what factors led to their death. White dwarfs Vs explosive Supernova.

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