The new Hearthstone card looks suspiciously familiar to Magic players


The latest expansion of Hearthstone Kobolds and Catacombs was launched today, with 135 new cards. One of them is called Violet Wurm, and as some players have noticed, it's almost exactly like a letter Magic: The Gathering that came out 17 years ago.

Here is the story of the tape: [19659003] Violet Wurm is a new card Hearthstone a servant with a high mana cost, seven powers and seven hardness. When it dies, it generates seven 1/1 larvae.

  • Symbiotic Wurm is an old Magic card with eight mana costs, seven power and seven defense. When it dies, it generates seven insects 1/1.
  • At least the work of art is something different: Violet Wurm looks more like an error and Symbiotic Wurm seems more lizardy, which makes sense, since "wurm" is a medieval term for dragon used in many fantasy games , and not in worms.

    In an even more intriguing twist, both cards were designed at least in part by the same person. Mike Donais, Principal Game Designer at Hearthstone and a frequent Reddit poster, commented on the original thread about the two twin letters: "Is he still copying if I designed Symbiotic Wurm for Onslaught 17 years ago and then designed it again for Hearthstone ? ", He wrote. "It was not exactly how it happened," he added, "but I helped design both expansions and make a much better story."

    Donais said he did not even remember the previous card when he worked at Violet Wurm. as part of the expansion of Kobolds and Catacombs . That is not necessarily surprising either. As others pointed out, cryptomnesia, in which a person remembers something they saw or heard before, while they think it is original, is not unknown. Writers and musicians occasionally suffer, plagiarizing their previous work or that of others without even realizing it.

    Of course, the fact that it was not intentional does not mean that it still does not pose problems. The strangest part is the spelling of "Sierpe". While Hearthstone has a series of letters with "Worm" or "Wyrm" in the title, this is the first to use the spelling "ur". The World of Warcraft tradition on which Hearthstone is based, does not actually mention wurms either.

    On the other hand, they are quite common in Magic so that they constitute a type of complete creature, while Hearthstone worms are included along with wild boars and other animals in the bucket of "beasts".

    Donais refused to give more details when it came to comment by Kotaku referring to Blizzard PR, which has not yet responded.

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