The new Halo Infinity Concept Art features an Elite Accident and Mark VII Spartan armor

Source: Xbox Game Studio / 343 Industry

Halo Infiniti is one way, but 343 Industries has given another short tease to the campaign story. Today, the developer revealed the concept art for an elite academician named Jega ‘Rdomnai. He serves as part of the vanished ‘Atriox’ “quietly in the shadows” and will be a part of the story of Halo Infiniti as well as the disappearing war chieftain Escarum. You can see the full concept art for ‘Rdomnai’ below.

Whispers for the post of the vanished priest, Jega ‘Rdomnai’s name is spoken with care. The history of Bloodmaster is rumored and overshadowed. Some say that it was an experiment, a struggle of its kind. Others mistook the mention of a secret lineage. Very few people know the truth, yet few people speak about it. One thing is certain: He has hunted demons before, and being welcomed into Atrix’s hand as the first recruit, he will do so again.

Meanwhile, the 343 also took a look at the armor of the MJOLNIR Mark VII Generation 3, which you can see the concept art below.

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Dr. Built on itself with Halsey’s input, the latest Mark VII iteration refreshes the Mjolnir technical architecture with success in building neural interfaces, shield emitters, fusion power and armor.

The Mark VII designation refers to several prototype platforms that test the ever-evolving Mjolnir Generation 3 standard. The most recent design to bear the name was chosen by Dolce Halsey from the flagship development program of the materials group.

It is interesting to see that new armor is being discussed, especially after 343 announced a partnership with Monster Energy for double XP and some unique weapon skins. The multiplayer also has weapon charms for alleged customization.

There has been a delay in moving Halo Infiniti to 2021, a move that was made in chunks rather than tearing the game apart. Joseph Staton, a franchise veteran, has returned to a leadership role. When Halo Infiniti arrives, it will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.