The new gadget asks: what would happen if Juicero squeezed bags of soap instead?


A new company of devices for squeezing bags is in Kickstarter, which promises to save people hundreds of household cleaning products, such as hand soap and dishwasher detergent. It's called Cleanyst, and the press coverage of the device so far has echoed breathlessly the company's line that it's the "SodaStream for cleaning products." On his Kickstarter page, Cleanyst says that his device "offers the convenience of a Keurig or Nespresso device" and "The environmental benefits of a SodaStream". Wow

Yes, at first glance, you can do without a bottle in the form of SodaStream, but it is also very obvious that it is a Juicero.

Here is a comparison of images side by side:

Juicero was a condemned company that closed its doors in 2017 after people realized that they could only squeeze the juice without the help of a Wi-Fi-connected machine of $ 700. Cleanyst is at least a compression technology of less expensive bags, and customers can buy into their ecosystem starting at $ 99. (Of course, if you only want to support the research and development of bag compression technology, there is also a $ 5 level with no tangible rewards) . Cleanyst plans to sell the device at a higher retail price after the Kickstarter, according to Quick company. When asked if they knew about Juicero while designing their bag tightening device, a Cleanyst spokesperson tells us that "it is not related to any pre-existing product."

The cleaner certainly looks more useful than a juicer with a single purpose, but it is too early to know if the device is equally necessary. Can you put the bags of cleaning products of the company in a bottle yourself? Do you need the mixer or just add water and shake for one minute? The company says no; Cleanyst insists that "the main purpose of the machine is to mix the product with the correct viscosity in the home, which can not be done by hand". In fact, the device is more sophisticated than the Juicero, which simply squeezes the bags to maximize their nutrition. while cleanyst squeezes the bags, dispenses hot water and then uses an impeller to mix the solution in a bottle.

The designers say that Cleanest is intended to reduce the environmental impact of shipping a cleaning product to the homes of people who are mostly water. And the device uses "100% recyclable" bags that must be mailed to the company for giants. But, according to Quick company, Cleanyst has not yet completed a life cycle badysis to determine the environmental impact of its own system, so it is not yet clear if the large plastic device it is buying really compensates for the use of plastic bottles.

Anyway, that's Cleanyst: it's not a Juicero, but the child or is.

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