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The new Comcast gateway offers gigabit Wi-Fi for customers

Announced for the first time at CES 2017 the XFi Advanced Gateway Ready for Fiber Comcast is now available to subscribers of Xfinity Gigibit Internet. This has been a long time since fiber customers want to take full advantage of the speed they are paying. The gateway is designed to support devices capable of gigabit speeds over Wi-Fi, making it one of the fastest available today. However, it will be very difficult to find laptops and phones capable of those speeds at this time. Customers in the markets where Comcast offers Xfinity Gigabit Internet can rent the new Comcast gateway, which includes a set of 8×8 antennas with 160MHz capabilities for faster speeds, MU-MIMO for faster simultaneous connections and multiple radios to connect smart devices. The xFi Advanced Gateway has radios for Bluetooth Low Energy (used by sports and fitness devices), Zigbee (used by light bulbs) and Thread (used by Nest devices).

The design is modest and only has a single blue light, so you can place the gateway in sight without it being a big distraction. The Advanced Gateway xFi extracts design elements from Xfinity Design Language, which aims to create a uniform look for all of Comcast's newest products. Because the gateway acts like a modem and a router, you still need to connect a coaxial cable from outside your home and a power cable.


The advanced xFi Gateway has an internal 8×8 array antenna, so you get extra speed and a nice design.

Jeff Fusco / Comcast

All its antennas are internal, so it looks less extraterrestrial than most gateways. Its set of 8×8 antennas means eight antennas to transmit signals and eight to receive, which is very rare at present. It lacks gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, since there are only two available for wired devices.

The configuration should be simple with the free Comcast xFi application that gives customers control over their Wi-Fi configuration and maintenance. You can create profiles for each member of the family, connect new devices, solve problems, establish parental controls and restrict the use of the Internet at certain times. Most new routers have these features, but in general they will cost you more than $ 200. The advanced xFi Gateway costs only $ 10 per month for rent, the same price as the previous generation hardware from Comcast.

The xFi Advanced Gateway is only available to Comcast customers who receive 300Mbps or faster service, depending on the market. And if you have a particularly large home, later this month, Comcast says it will offer Wi-Fi extension modules.

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