The new Chromecast works as a cheaper but unsupported xCloud streamer

If you can run Google’s new Chromecast from Microsoft’s XCloud, if you’re ready to sideload the game streaming service, The ledge Can confirm The functionality was first demonstrated by u / kiddj55 on Reddit, and we can then install the Xbox Game Pass app on our own hardware and access cloud streaming to play Gears of war 5.

Whatever works like Google’s Stadia game streaming service, xCloud is not yet officially supported on Google’s new hardware. This means that if you want to install it then you have to avoid xCloud. The process involves finding an APK for the Xbox Game Pass app, finding a way to move it into your dongle (here is a guide from here) Android police When doing exactly that), and then change Chromecast settings to allow apps to be installed from “unknown sources”.

The lack of official support also means that there is no guarantee as to how xCloud will perform on the hardware. u / kiddj55 indicates in a comment that the games run at 720p resolution, as the Xbox Games Pass app is designed for phones and not optimized for TVs. However it supports Xbox controllers coupled over Bluetooth.

While it is possible to stream games from the cloud, we were not able to stream games locally from the Xbox console. When we installed the Xbox beta app (which provides the feature) we found that it would crash whenever we tried to open it.

It’s unclear when we might see xCloud support officially coming on the new Chromecast. Google has confirmed that its own Stadia service will be officially supported in the first half of next year, and it is unlikely that Microsoft will be far behind. This is great news for those who want a cheap $ 50 device for streaming games on their TVs, especially since the new Chromecast is a very good video streaming device in its own right.

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