The new Black Ops Cold War zombies mess makes players invincible

Here’s how to be completely invincible for Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

The fan-favorite Zombies mode for Black Ops Cold War is back. While fans have praised the new corpse, it has not come without problems.

Many players have found bugs, glits and exploits on the map of Die Maschin zombies in the Cold War. Some of these allow players to be out of reach, essentially making them invincible.

A zombies player has now got a new mess which players do not need to be in a very specific place. This can be done in many places and is very simple to do.

How to be invincible in cold war corpse

Redditor -M0JI- has found that the corpse cannot hurt you if you go down the slope. They may not work out how to reach you, even if the player is only lying on their feet.

All zombies still know where the player is and crowd around them, which makes killing something very easy. This could possibly be another easy way to grind cams or move weapons to super super levels, but there is a catch.

Glitches do not make players invincible for all the enemies you can find in Die Mashine.

Unfortunately, the Plaguehounds and Megaton are not deceived very easily. They can still reach you and hurt you, so make sure you are careful with them or you may meet an untimely death.

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If you use this glitch to raise weapon levels or unlock cameos, it might be a good idea to get a friend to take out enemies that may still hurt you.

It is one of the few Cold War zombies’ glits that makes it very easy to survive, no matter how big it is. Zombies players are using this glitch to grind cameos very quickly.

Why was this glitch not used to level some of the best weapons for Reborn Island? This will definitely help you to win some more.

What better way to destroy a corpse than a giant sledgehammer? Learn how to quickly unlock this Mid-Season 1 weapon using this hidden challenge.

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