The new Bassfit headphones from V-Moda enter the fitness game for $ 130

V-Moda launches today its first pair of mats for the gym, called BbadFit. They use what V-Moda calls "TriFit design", which means that there are three different wear options to achieve the best fit.

The first option TriFit uses flexible earhooks that wrap around your ears to help keep the headphones in place, the second option uses ear flaps, and the third implementation of TriFit uses both fins and hooks. These are useful features to ensure that the adjustment is as comfortable as possible.

Image: V-Moda

The BbadFit weighs only 17 grams, has resistance to weather and sweat, and supports AptX and AAC audio codecs for better audio and lower latency. You can also connect the headphones to two devices simultaneously. The BbadFit has a fast charge feature that takes only 15 minutes of charging to provide 2.5 hours of play time, and a full charge will get a total of 11 hours of play time. In addition, like many other Bluetooth headsets, BbadFit is compatible with Google Assistant and Siri, which can be accessed via the three-button online remote control.

Hearing aids do not have a fitness tracking function or an accompanying application, so you can really only badess their usefulness for scenarios where you might need weather-resistant Bluetooth headsets, such as exercise. Even so, shoppers may have some confidence in V-Moda: they have offered ear-type, in-ear, and headset type hearing aids, with positive recognition in the past.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of neckbuds, but the considerable attention that V-Moda has placed on the BbadFit setting and how they can be used by different people is something I'm looking forward to.

The V-Moda BbadFit is available starting today, in black or white, for $ 130 on the V-Moda, Amazon or authorized stores website.

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