The new announcement of Final Fantasy XV will feature the episode Ignis, other surprises


By Tanner Dedmon

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<p><a href= A new report of Final Fantasy XV is on its way that promises more than Episode Ignis as well as some surprises to be seen.

Square Enix periodically publishes ads related to Final Fantasy XV through Active Time Reports, and next time he will have a lot in store for those who tune in. He will be hosted on November 29 at 8 a.m. Square Enix's YouTube, but no doubt, you'll hear everything you need in summaries that will soon follow.

It usually makes fun of some information to give players a brief preview of what to expect from the report , and this next announcement on the 29th is not different, that date is the first anniversary of Final Fantasy XV so we can expect the annou ncemento to be full of information. Square Enix has already confirmed that you will see more about Episode Ignis the last in the series of DLC that follow the main characters. We will also see the results of some kind of "survey" that Square Enix seems excited to reveal, as well as more information about an update that is scheduled for December. What the entire update will include remains to be seen, but Square Enix will reveal everything about the next update during the report.

In addition to the new content, they will also discuss a recent expansion, the Comrades DLC. If you have not yet had the opportunity to play it, this DLC finally gives players a multiplayer component by creating their own character and interacting with others.

"In Companions players can create and personalize their own avatar and participate in epic missions in a world enveloped in darkness," says a description of the expansion. "As members of Kingsglaive, players will equip real sigils that grant special powers from the rulers of yesteryear, strategize with each other and create a balanced team in battles against formidable enemies and beasts.In addition to multiplayer missions, players can experience the story In a thorough single-player campaign, by using the base of operations in Lestallum, the player can perform a variety of exciting missions and find familiar faces. "

See the report on November 29 or watch later that day for plus Final Fantasy XV News .

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