The New Aircraft Map Among Us Brings The Heat With New Ways To Play

It’s an exciting time for those stepping into Among Us (or looking to get back into the game) as the new Airship map released last week. The popular social deduction game exploded relatively recently, and while it has had a massive following, it has been thriving on three different maps for quite some time. The Airship offers the game a new experience for veteran players, not only because it is new, but also because it asks you to play quite differently than the older maps.

It’s the largest map yet, but its narrow corridors and a handful of one-way roads make it a challenge to navigate. It is so large and labyrinthine that the game allows players to choose one of three spawn points when they start a round in the match. Understanding what’s around each of the spawn points becomes part of their strategy for both crewmates and imposters, and discovering those complexities has made discovering the aircraft a lot of fun.

One key thing to note about map build points is that when they are rendered on the screen for selection, the icon background shows where you are on the map; eventually, you will become familiar with the names and locations. of these rooms, but by way of shorthand, are also arranged in a way that is indicative of their general location (left, center, right). Teammates should have tasks close by right as the game begins, but as you progress, you’ll want to keep in mind where the remaining tasks are.

The airship also introduces some new tasks. You’ll have the typical color-coded wire connection, trash removal, switch change, etc. However, you will notice that the download and upload goal type has a new second step: moving around a cell phone on the screen looking for the correct position to get a better signal for faster upload speeds. In the cargo compartment, the crewmates may be tasked with unlocking the safe where it is necessary to reveal the lock combination through trial and error. In the locker rooms, teammates may be tasked with picking up dirty towels and accurately tossing them into the basket, and in the armory, you may have to collect weapons and place them on the wall. It’s a real Among Us nonsense that you probably expect and amuse yourself.

The data upload task forces you to go out and search for a signal.  Hopefully the impostor doesn't catch you outside.
The data upload task forces you to go out and search for a signal. Hopefully the impostor doesn’t catch you outside.

With all these new tasks spread out across an intricate map, what stands out in the new map design is that there is more risk-reward when it comes to killing crewmates like the imposter. Since most roads are narrower and drag you through specific locations, the keen eye of a crewmate could more easily deduce who the killer could be if they stumbled upon a dead body and they report it and pay close attention to it. who may have happened. At least in the early days of playing blimp, there tends to be less ambiguity if you’re trying to act normally as an imposter with crewmates nearby.

At the same time, an imposter who is lucky or has excellent situational awareness has a wide chance of getting his way with murder. The large size of the aircraft means that corpses could easily pile up before anyone begins to notice. In my experience, there are fewer crewmate groupings as the objectives are spread out widely, and navigating the facility and covering the terrain is a bit more difficult with no open areas and less interconnection between important rooms.

Paths between important rooms can be difficult to navigate, giving imposters plenty of opportunities to attack.
Paths between important rooms can be difficult to navigate, giving imposters plenty of opportunities to attack.

Another small but sometimes shocking design option was placing the meeting room at the top of the map with a route to get there. This makes it an ordeal to access given the size of the aircraft, so if you feel the suspicion of a colleague and need to talk, or if to know an impostor is chasing you and can’t find a body to report, you better get walking. And, of course, the deliberation process will be as chaotic and potentially misleading as ever.

It all comes down to Airship keeping the core ideas of Among Us, but it can challenge you to act, move, and think differently more than the previous three maps. I’d say it’s a good thing as it can refresh the game and social dynamics, especially for people who have been playing with a consistent group. This leads to some new ways of experiencing the tension you had the first few times you touched it. But if you haven’t jumped in yet, this new map is one more reason to give the game a try if you’re willing to deal with the joyous stress that goes hand in hand with a good game of Among Us.

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