The National Security Guard tells fans to calm down during the return of Bryce Harper

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Washington Nationals apparently hate freedom and are not fanatical about sports.

Bryce Harper made his return to Washington DC on Tuesday night after signing with the Phillies. It was a fun game, and Philadelphia won 8-2. (Related: Bryce Harper Signs With The Phillies

However, a video has been gaining ground on the last day, and it is not good for the Nats. You can see a security guard telling the Phillies fans to calm down.

Look at the strange situation below.

And the Phillies fans are told to calm down for the safety of the Nationals

– Cindy Webster (@ CindyWeb94) April 3, 2019

The last time I checked, my feet were in America, and in this country people have the right to shout at sporting events all they want.

We did not invade the beaches of Normandy and went to the moon so that the security guards could tell the people to shut up.

We did those things to constantly remind the world that we have more freedom and that we are more brilliant than them. (RELATED: fans of the national Boo Bryce Harper on his return to Washington DC)

This country is all about power movements, and telling the paying fans that they should not be as noisy as they want, sounds like it's coming straight out of Pyongyang, North Korea. Are we now a country that supports communism?

I did not think. Hopefully, we all learn from this painful experience and commit to making sure it never happens again.

I'm not even a fan of the Phillies, but freedom does not have a specific shirt attached. When we see oppression and our freedom to clap drunkenly suppressed, then we must all unite. That's what America is about.

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