The National Association of Manufacturers suggests that Pence implement the 25th amendment

Leading business groups condemned President Trump after violence in the Capitol, with the National Association of Manufacturers calling for 25th amendment to remove Trump from Vice President Mike Pence “Preserve democracy.”

Why it matters: Big business is a generally friendly area for President Trump, who claims he “stolen” the election and encouraged protesters to march up to the Capitol building. But people are speaking ahead of President-Elect Joe Biden’s term and preventing violence.

  • NAM last year awarded Ivanka Trump the Alexander Hamilton Award for exceptional support for construction in the US.
  • It now writes that the president has been “offended by members of his own party, adding fuel to the mistrust that has sparked violent anger.”
  • Pence on Wednesday broke ranks with Trump, saying he would not exercise unilateral authority to certify the election results.

What they are saying Other business leaders are revealing their disgust with the scene on Capitol Hill.

  • City CEO Michael Corbett wrote He “hates the actions of those who have attacked the US Capitol” and that “[prays] This situation can be resolved without conflict. “
  • Business roundtable wrote: “The chaos in the nation’s capital is the result of unlawful efforts to reverse the legitimate consequences of a democratic election. The country deserves better. The trade round table calls on the president and all concerned officials to end and facilitate anarchy . Peaceful conversion of power. “
  • CEO of Salesforce Mark benioff wrote: “Our leaders must now call for peace and unity. There is no place for violence in our democracy. The peace that it brings brings peace in our country.”
  • black Stone CEO Stephen Schwarzman: “The rebellion that has erupted today after the President’s address is horrifying and an affection for the democratic values ​​we hold dear as Americans. I am shocked by this mob and our attempt to undermine our Constitution and I am afraid. As I said in November, the result. The election is very clear and there should be a peaceful transition of power. “
  • Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon: “Over the years, our democracy has created a repository of goodwill around the world that is important to our citizens. Recently, we have instigated that goodwill at an alarming pace, and today’s attack on the US Capitol Harms even further. It is time for all Americans to come together and move forward with a peaceful transition of power. We must begin to reinvest in our democracy and rebuild the institutions that have made America an extraordinary nation . “


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