The NASA satellite captures an impressive image of our planet, and I’m sorry Flat Earthers, it’s definitely round

While some people are convinced that our planet is flat, a new photo taken by a NASA satellite reveals that the Earth is definitely round.

The photo was taken by NASA's GOES-17 satellite, the second in a series of next-generation geostationary meteorological satellites.

The image shows the western hemisphere, including impressive views of the North and South American continents. [19659002] GOES-17 also captured a video of a sunset over the western hemisphere of Earth on May 20.

The image shows the Western Hemisphere, including the breathtaking views of the North and South American Continents

A NASA spokesman said: "This view from more than 22,000 miles in space is presented in GeoColor, which captures the characteristics of Earth's surface and atmosphere with vivid details and intuitive colors for human vision. "

The satellite, launched in March from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, is currently in its post-launch testing and testing phase.

During this period, satellite instruments and systems are calibrated, validated and evaluated for operational use.


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