We might have a Nas and Biggie collaboration that we are sure would have become a classic, but that was not what it meant. Before the notorious BIG’s untimely death in 1997 when he was murdered at a drive-by in Los Angeles, the New York rapper was one of the most sought-after artists in hip hop. Biggie’s career was in an upheaval in the 1990s, and he and Nas had plans to work on one or two. Rumors have circulated over the years as to why this did not happen and recently shared with N.A.S. Breakfast Club Why the song never happened.

“I was in the studio too much and was rolling some of that chocolate from Big Brooklyn and it didn’t warn me,” Nas said — factually. “It was just- I went out, yo. There are pictures of that session. Yes, we were going to do some songs. I was remixing something. Ready to die“Ness revealed that he was one of Big G’s” Loot the Loot, “and when asked why he didn’t return the next day, King’s disease emcee said he was “still high.”

The NAS also reported that he lived on Long Island and was not motivated to make the trek to New York City. “It was hard to get me to move,” he admitted. Check out the snippet of Nas interview below and let us know if you think the track Nas and Biggie will be a classic.