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The name of Pope John withdrew from the Louisville stadium after an "n-word" controversy

The University of Louisville announced Friday that it will remove Pope John's name from its football stadium as part of the growing rain over a racial commentary made by the disgraced founder of the network.

The installation will be called "Cardinal Stadium" Effective immediately, the president of the Neeli Bendapudi University said in a statement.

"These comments were hurtful and unacceptable, and do not reflect the values ​​of our university," he said.

The name change comes only days after reports that John Schnatter, founder and president of the Louisville-based pizza chain, used the n-word during a company conference call in May. Schnatter apologized on Wednesday and resigned hours later.

The change also comes a day after two Louisville footballers, Seth Dawkins and Jaylen Smith, took to Twitter and asked the university to remove Papa John's name from their local stadium. [19659006] The university said it also decided to remove Papa John's name from the Center for Free Enterprise of the school at its Business School. Schnatter also resigned from the university's board of trustees, according to the Lexington Herald Leader.

"By taking this step, we renew the commitment of our community to make its voice heard when it is important, do the right thing and join as one team: our Cardinal family, to heal and move forward," said Bendapudi. brighter for this university are still to come. "

Although all traces of Papa John's name will be removed from their buildings, university spokesman John Karman told the Louisville Courier-Journal that there were no plans to stop selling the chain's pizza on campus, including inside the stadium.

Benapudi issued a reminder that the company has thousands of employees who depend on their work to support themselves and the family, saying they have "confidence" in the company to do the right thing, the newspaper reported.

The chain has already lost ties with some Major League Baseball teams, including the New York Yankees and Washington Nationals, which suspended all promotions with the brand.

Schnatter originally resigned as CEO of Papa John & # 39; s in December 2017, after stating that the delivery of protests from NFL players contributed to the fall of the company's third quarter earnings. Papa John & # 39; s ended his official sponsorship of the NFL in February.

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