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The naked photo of 2Pac goes on sale, ex girlfriend puts price on the virility of Makaveli – SOHH.com

The late rap icon 2Pac is completely exposed by a previous flame. It is reported that the ex-girlfriend of the hip-hop mogul is selling a nude photo of a party in 1990.

According to reports, the unnamed Pac affiliate aims to disburse around $ 8,000.

Tonight in particular … we & # 39; re told Pac's gf that at that time he was threatening to take a picture if he did not cover himself. Of course, he did not back down, and the photo d ** k was born. They tell us that the ex wants to sell it privately for $ 7,500. A rock auction house & # 39; n & # 39; n & # 39; roll is accepting offers, but if she can not get the requested price, the woman plans to let it go to the highest bidder. (TMZ)

Recently, NBA superstar Kevin Durant talked about tattooing Pac on his body.

"Tupac was known to wake up, be politically incorrect, have a voice and defend himself, defending what he believes is right," he said in his music, said that in the interviews, he expressed that through his films , through his artistic work, it's much bigger than being an artist or making a hot song or having a # 1 record. It's at that age, so you think about what you were thinking, at 22, 23 and he died at 25, like … young people do not think that way, so for him to have that kind of mentality at that age where he is expected to be, today he would have been like Gandhi, do you know what I'm saying? Or like Nelson Mandela intelligence for our culture, our people, our neighborhood voice, He wanted to tell me I had to think differently, to see him, to follow his story, after every interview I can. " (Mercury News)

In July 2016, Durant briefly addressed his now infamous 2Pac tat.


"Aw, man, you were not supposed to see that," Durant said, timidly, as if he had hoped to keep the image hidden under stockings and socks, or planned a grand opening at a later date. The next day, however, Durant left the tattoo exposed for anyone to see and even offered an explanation of how Shakur's letters helped to inspire body art, even if the notorious B.I.G. He was his favorite rapper of all time. (Yahoo Sports)

At the beginning of the same summer, an image of the huge 2Pac tat of KD began to travel its social networks.

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