The mysterious Mars cloud again rips a volcano on the red planet

These two views of July 2020 show long clouds extending from the Arsea Mons volcano on Mars.

ESA / GCP / UPV / EHU Bilbao

This is part of the story Welcome to mars, Our series explores the red planet.

The massive Arasia Mons volcano on Mars reaches an altitude of 12 miles (20 kilometers). It is impressive enough in itself, but it looks extra wild when a strange cloud forms over it.

The European Space Agency Mars Express spacecraft is eyeing “a mysteriously long, thin cloud” that periodically appears on Arasia Mons. On Wednesday, ESA released a facelift on this cloud from comments made in July.

Jorge Hernández-Bernal, a doctoral candidate from the Basque Country of Spain, said, “This season around the southern solstice is a mountainous season every year and repeats for 80 days or more.” . “However, we do not yet know if the clouds are always very influential.”

The cloud can span more than 1,100 miles (1,800 kilometers). Recent observations came around the southern solstice of Mars. “In the early mornings during this period, this fleeting cloud rises for about three hours, quickly disappearing again after a few hours,” ESA said. Mars Express was in a prominent position to snap images of the cloud.

In 2018, when Earthling saw Badal, there was something Internet speculation indicated it to be new volcanic activity on Mars, But that is not the case. According to NASA, the last volcano of Arsia Mons was about 50 million years ago.

The esoteric cloud is made up of water ice. The Mars Express science team decided that he needed his name as they continue to investigate his appearances and disappearances. It is now known as the “Arcea Mons Allanated Cloud” or AMEC for short. it’s tempting.

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