The MRI report stated that Viking ‘could hurt Week 6 because of Dalvin Cook.’

After racking up from close to 90 yards in just two quarters to start Sunday’s match, the Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook suffered an injury on a third-quarter catch.

He underwent an MRI on Monday, which Vikings coach Mike Jimmer called “it went very well“Zimmer followed up by saying,” We’ll see how he does this week, “but later reports were more encouraging, indicating” Cook. ” Avoid big injury, Though the team can be cautious with a game against the 0-5 Falcons in Week 6 and their Bye Bye in Week 7. Two weeks rest, per Adam Schefter ESPN.

With Cook being the centerpiece of the offense, the Vikings do not want to take any chances on his health.

The injury initially forced Cook to leave Sunday’s game and undergo a locker-room evaluation, putting backup Alexander Mattison at No. 1 and running back for the Vikings, who considered Cook suspicious for a comeback. The pro bowler did, in fact, return to the sideline – and then on the field – later in the third quarter, but not for long. Mattison resumed the full workload, leaving Cook behind after playing just one more time. The coach Mike Zimmer later said Cook could not play through injury. If they lose time, it is believed that Mattison will leave the backfield with Michael Boon.

A 1,000-yard breakout rusher in 2019, Cook entered Sunday night as the NFL’s premier ball-carrier with 424 yards and six touchdowns to his name for four weeks. Fresh for five years, a career-high 13 touchdowns in 2019, a $ 63 million contract extension in September that has been the centerpiece of Minnesota’s offense for the past two years.

However, injuries are no stranger to 25-year-old backs. Cook recalled 19 combined games between 2017 and 2019, including 12 as a rogue and five in his sophistication season. If he remains missing in the Vikings’ backfield longer, the team will rely on his 22-year-old ex-rounder Matteson as well as Mike Boon and veteran fullback CJ Ham.

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