The Motorsport video has Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Flying Lyfts


Every week, a lot of new music videos come to the web. Seeing them on your desk is not a steal of time because you deserve it; Think of it as a good reward for surviving another week of work. But what happens if you do not have time to watch each video? You may have a deadline, a hungry pet or other adult concerns. In consideration of his schedule, Lizzie and Kaitlyn offer him a series called A video. Every week we will tell you "a video" you need to see, why and for how long.

This week's video: "Motorsport" by Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B

Kaitlyn: Congratulations to everyone with all the money they earned this week! If you did something, that is, I do not want to suppose. But I know with certainty that Migos, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B formed a group, so at least I congratulate them. What I mean is that the "Motorsport" video is here and it's full of brands, which we might call tacky, but I'd call it "Honestly, go ahead, guys."

Lizzie: This video looks like an advertisement for a new, juicy Sprite without calories, or a line of Nike sportswear that absorbs moisture, mainly due to the fact that it is illuminated like a rave planetarium. Actually, it's probably closer to an ad for Hype, an energy drinks company run by a former Formula One driver. About 30 seconds, there's a slow motion shot of a model drinking a can of hype while Quavo strutting around a shiny car. Synergy!

What kind of motorsport?

Kaitlyn: Lizzie originally identified each car in this video as a Honda Accord, describing me with the plot summary "And then Quavo relies on a Honda Accord, and then Cardi B relies on a Honda Accord. "I generally trust all the information you submit, but I did, this time and this time only, I requested the transport section of The Verge & # 39; to verify your. (Lizzie, I love you!) According to our colleagues Sean O & # 39; Kane and Andy Hawkins, the cars you see in this video are: Flying Lyft, Ferrari Testarossa red, Lamborghini Diablo plated, Lamborghini Countach red, Lamborghini Countach white, other Lyft flight. Although it is uncomfortable to point out, Lizzie was wrong.

Although he is in good company! The letter of "Motorsport" speaks of a green Lamborghini, a Ferrari 488, a Porsche and a pink Bugatti, none of which appears in the video.

Lizzie: The Honda Accord is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. As for the "motorsports" in this video, I think we can also mark off motocross, since Offset and Cardi B seem to wear motocross outfits. I think we can badume that, outside the narrative of this video, they did a motocross ride together before making a joint stop at the Honda showroom.

What's special about "Motorsport" by Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B:

Kaitlyn: Have you seen Lyft fly yet? In real life? "Motorsport" is special because it restricts the placement of products for headphones, an energy drink, four luxury vehicles and a hypothetical future of neon that seems very disturbing.

Lizzie: "Motorsport" is special because I have no idea what the plot is. Cars are a big part of this, but they can also be a vaping pen (1:17) and knee pads (4:15). What are these objects, and are they intended to convince me to buy a car or an energy drink?

How long everyone should see "Motorsport" by Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B:

Kaitlyn: I rarely suggest omitting any part of any music video, because I firmly believe that music videos are the only important thing form and that you should do what you want at work, since it is likely that no one is paying attention. However, in this particular case, I would like to ignore all the boys, who are very bored, and get to the good: Cardi B makes his first appearance at 1:46 and begins his verse at 1:50. Nicki Minaj makes her first appearance at 2:34 and begins her verse at 2:45. I accidentally acclaimed a little during this part:

Lizzie: I have to agree. Nicki Minaj appears in the middle of the video in some kind of mall / airplane hangar with long hair to the ground. The rest are only visual stimuli that, from now on, will make you thirst for energy.

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