The “motorcycle mode” on Google Maps is appearing for many in India


There are many people in the world who ride motorcycles, especially in crowded areas where cars do not fit especially well. India is one such place, and many users are now noticing a 'motorcycle mode'. appearing on your maps along with car, train and walking options.

We have known that something like this would come from a while ago, thank you. Our disbademblies v9.61, v9.62 and v9.66 contained chains related to some kind of two-wheel or motorcycle mode, and this seems to be the final culmination of that. A reader let us know that this appeared for him in v9.67.1, which is the most recent version. As you can see in the screenshots, the motorcycle mode has the same objective as any other mode: find the best and most efficient route possible, given the type of transport. Since motorcycles can fit in places that cars must travel, you will notice that the estimated travel times are faster, sometimes significantly.

The feature observes road closures on the way and state of parking at the destination, both definitely practical. So far, we've only received suggestions from readers in India, and it makes sense that Google chooses to launch this there first. After all, the USA UU They are not so full, and almost all the streets that can fit on a motorcycle can also fit in a car. However, it could be useful in other parts of Europe and Asia. We will have to wait and see if the functionality appears anywhere else.

  Maps: navigation and transit
  Maps: navigation and transit
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