The mother’s boyfriend is accused of having lost the death of an American child –

The mother’s boyfriend is accused of having lost the death of an American child


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A maksehift monument has been erected near the family home

A North Carolina man who was arrested in connection with the death of a three-year-old boy appeared in court to face charges.

Earl Kimrey, the boyfriend of the girl's mother, was accused of hiding the death, obstruction of justice and robbery, among other crimes.

Mariah Woods, 3, was missing on November 27 after her mother put her to bed in her mobile home in the park.

The police diving teams have recovered what they believe are the remains of the child.

A judge released Kimrey's bail of 32 years at $ 1m (£ 743,000) at his hearing in Jacksonville on Monday.

Prosecutors did not reveal any new details about the case and Kimrey's lawyer did not say anything in his defense.

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The suspect appeared in court on Monday

Doctors have not yet identified the remains, but researchers say they trust it to be the small child.

"We put all the resources we have to find Mariah, to take her home safely," FBI agent Stanley Meador said Saturday after allegedly belonging to the girl were found in a stream near his home .

"Unfortunately, it was already too late to save Mariah.

" The focus of this investigation has changed from a missing child to a homicide case, "the agent told reporters, adding that any owner with surveillance cameras near the house of Woods should share his video with the authorities.

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Mariah Woods, 3, was last seen in bed of your house in Jacksonville

More than 700 volunteers had been searching for the girl as part of a mbadive search effort involving local, state and FBI authorities before the remains were found.

The FBI joins the search for a three-year-old girl

Kimrey was arrested by the Onslow County authorities on Friday and charged with hiding the death, obstruction of justice, second-degree theft, robbery crimes and possession of stolen property. .

Allegedly "he did not notify the police authorities of the death of Mariah Woods and secretly disposed of the dead child's body," according to the arrest warrant.

Police have not yet said how Mariah died [19659029] Unsupported multimedia playback on her device

Middle Legend Child dies in the US UU Every five hours

Neighbor Nelson Bolster told WNCT-TV News that he had lived across the street from the Woods family for 40 years.

"It's just devastating," said Nelson Bolster. "I mean, you do not know what to say about it."

"I've seen her go out a bit, I mean to run like a happy girl," she said.

"Full of life, bright girl, something like my little daughter when she was that age"

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