The mother cries because the jury approves of her intentionally having sex with the boy

According to reports, a mother cried in court on Thursday that she was cleared to intentionally have sex with a boy, who was only 14 years old.

Three-year-old mom Vincent, 32, admitted to having sex with the teenager after inviting her to a Gloucestershire home – but she thought she was 16, the age of consent in Britain.

He had told the court that it was only when they were in bed that the schoolboy panicked and confessed his tender age.

Surya said that after being told in court how he lied about his age, when he lied about his age, he was cleared to intentionally have sex.

He admitted the lie online in court but still insisted that he definitely did not [Vincent] The court report states that I was 16 years old at the age of 17 before having sex in October 2018.

The jury of eight men and four women deliberately left him in a flood of tears for just one hour and four minutes to stop the underage sex crime, the Sun said.

His lawyer, Catherine Flint, reminded the gamblers in their closing argument that they would have to set aside any feelings for Vincent’s behavior to be “morally questionable”.

“Your role is not to make ethical decisions, but to decide if he has broken the law,” Flint had said.

“Can you be sure that he told that he was 14 when they had sex or that he lied about his age? Defense counsel said you would work hard to find a young teenager, Those who don’t wish they were a few years older.

Vincent wrote a happy “Not Guilty” on his Facebook page by the name of Teah Leen, as he posed with a friend outside the courtroom.

He wrote, “Everyone remembered my life and completed the oldest phase of my life.”

“Welcome 2021 to me and my children,” said Vincent, who faced a possible prison term.


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