The most revealing quote on Trump from Mattis in the book Bob Woodward

  • Retired Marine Corps general and former defense secretary Jim Mattis has largely kept silence on the Trump administration since he resigned in June 2018, except for a fearsome op-ed.
  • Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward’s book “Rage” provides new information about President Donald Trump and his presidential views through quotes from President Donald Trump.
  • Mattis’ purported remarks include a picture of a president who is unfit for office and detrimental to American interests.
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Retired Marine Corps General Jim Mattis, who served as President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Defense before resigning, has his thoughts largely on himself as Commander-in-Chief, but Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward’s book ” Rage “offers new insights into his ideas. President and of this administration.

The quotes, which came from Mattis or attributed to him by his colleagues, who spoke to Woodward, snap a picture of a man troubled by an unethical and misinformed president whom he contributed to America’s deterioration and decline. gives.

These are some of the most shocking quotes of his presidency in Mattis and Woodward’s book on Trump:

  • On dealing with trump, Mattis said: “” I was often trying to reason on impulse. And you see where I couldn’t go, because the tweet will go out of there. “
  • On president’s morality, Mattis reportedly said: “The president has no moral compass.” (Former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats has agreed, saying: “For him, a lie is not a lie. It’s just what he thinks. He doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies.”
  • Upon receiving orders from trump, He said: “I never cared what Trump said. I ran the Defense Department. I informed him in my private meetings. I wouldn’t do it publicly, because he would have to play a role then . But I didn’t get any guidance from him, usually, other than an occasional tweet. “
  • In response to the weakening of Trump’s coalition, Mattis said: “What we’re doing is really showing how to destroy America. That’s what we’re showing them. How to separate us from all our allies. How to take us down. And this Is working very well. ” We are declaring war on each other inside America. It is really working against us. “
  • On a President’s hardening and maintaining peace, Mattis said: “Not with the current living. He does not understand. He has no mental framework for these things. He has not read.”
  • On Trump’s stand-alone strategy and rejecting the coalition, Mattis said: “It was uncertain. It was linguism. It was a misleading form of nationalism. It was not patriotic.”
  • Trump’s lasting impact on the country, Mattis said: “This degradation of the American experiment is real. It is tangible. The truth is no longer governing White House statements. No one believes — even those who believe in it , He somehow believes without believing what he says. “
  • On his decision to resign, Mattis said: “I was originally directed to do something that I felt went beyond silly stupidity, strategically risking our place in the world and everything, when I left.”

‘You are going to become Secretary of Defense who lost to ISIS’

Mattis resigned as Secretary of Defense in December 2018, writing in his resignation letter that his views were not “aligned” with the president. The final straw for Mattis was the president’s decision to announce a victory over ISIS ahead of time, withdraw American troops from Syria, and release the Kurds, who used to take large tracts of land to fight for themselves.

Mattis advised the president against such action, but Trump would not agree. When he resigned, Mattis reportedly told the president: “You have to get the next Secretary of Defense to lose to ISIS. I’m not going to do that.”

After leaving the Department of Defense, the president publicly criticized Mattis, but the retired general refused to speak against the president.

He told Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic in October last year that “if you leave an administration, you hold some silence.” He said that “there is a period in which I relinquish my silence. It is not eternal. It will not be forever.”

While Mattis was holding his tongue in public, he privately discussed the need to speak to take action, the “Woodward Report in Rage”.

Coats, a former DNI director, said, “At some point we might be standing up and talking. There may be times when we have to take collective action.” Mattis said, “He’s dangerous. He’s unfit.”

Coats, Woodward writes, was hesitant to state that other former military leaders had done the same and accomplished nothing. “I don’t know,” Mattis said. “But, we cannot allow the country to continue on this course.”

Mattis eventually spoke out against the president and the administration in an ed-ed after forcefully cleared Laffett Park in Washington by DC Trump of protesters for a photo op at a nearby church in June.

“Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who doesn’t try to unite the American people – doesn’t even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us,” Mattis wrote.

“We are done,” he continued, “witnessing the results of three years of this deliberate effort. We have been witnessing the results of three years without mature leadership.”

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