The most charming moments of Crisis on Earth-Part 1 and 2



The first half of CW's mbadive crossover event Crisis on Earth-X was broadcast last night, and it was roughly 80 minutes of overpopulated pleasure. There was so much to love, that honestly, all we wanted to do was breathlessly tell the favorite moments. So here they are, in all their glory.


The action

Asking any large production of superhero mashups to run lots of stars to run in a great fight scene is enough of a nightmare, even more in a TV schedule and budget. But Crisis on Earth-X came out all the time to offer us the most fun and satisfying action the CW / DC universe has ever seen. From the fabulous nuptial fight to the Nazi wholesale murder that happened in episode two (so good that they literally had to make Ollie shake so you could also see him in slow motion!), This crossover has it He managed to use his cavalcade of superhero superstars superbly to achieve an excellent effect.

Killer Frost gave himself an ice sword! Wally threw bullets at his pistols! Supergirl makes a Hulk applause! Fire storm explodes around a million Nazis! Sara Lance and Alex Danvers join and defeat Earth-X Prometheus hard ! Vibe teleports green arrow to stop the Earth-X archer! Seriously, the many action scenes in the first half of Crisis were great and wonderful, and everyone had the opportunity to be more awesome.

Kara singing at the wedding of Barry and Iris

Crisis had fun with her references to the past crossovers-Dominators, so last year! – but the most moving thing was Barry asking Kara to sing at her wedding, after knowing her vocal talents during the delicious musical Flash / Supergirl teamup. His choice of song is "Running Home to You", the ballad that Barry sang to Iris when he proposed in that crossover, it was perfect, as well as all the wonderful moment of the wedding of Barry and Iris finally beginning.

If the song did not make you teary-eyed, Barry's big puppy dog ​​eyes sprouted when he turned to see Iris in her dress, absolutely should have. It is almost a pity that the Nazis appear. But almost alone, because the part where they hit her was a delight too.

Alex Danvers meets Sara Lance

… and has his first one-night performance. While this might have been included just because of his prurience, Crisis he did much more than that. One of the best aspects of the event is how all of its innumerable characters continue to go through the trips that are seen in their normal shows. So Alex is still recovering from breaking up with his fiance Maggie, it still hurts, and she's still prone to drinking too much to avoid thinking about it. Of course, she is going to crush whiskey at the wedding reception to which Kara has dragged her. And, of course, Sara, a woman who had no regrets about sleeping with King Arthur's wife, Geneva, has no problems with connections.

But when Alex wakes up the next morning, she is horrified to realize she had her first one-night stand. Kara seems adorable, but Alex has only had a badual relationship since she realized she was a bad, and that was a super-compromised relationship that almost resulted in a marriage. Of course she is going crazy! Of course she feels guilty for having a casual connection! It's just wonderful, and actress Chyler Leigh continues to remove it from the park, so I'm super-investing in the personal life of Alex Danvers.

Also, I think Sara's cold attitude will help Alex heal little, which will be wonderful. But even if he does not, Sara casually asks Alex, "How's your bad?" After she fell out of bed that morning is divine .

The Return of Tommy Merlyn

I'm always happy for the actor Colin Donnell to go through Arrow ; Tommy Merlyn's fraternal relationship with Oliver Queen was one of the strongest in the series, continuing even after Tommy died saving Laurel Lance at the end of the season. It was very funny to see Earth-X Prometheus take off his mask to reveal evil Nazi Tommy, to Oliver, who was completely stunned.

At least, it seems to be a tacit acknowledgment that Tommy Merlyn should have been the true Prometheus in Arrow's last season, which would have made the story infinitely better. (Presumably Donnell did not have the time or inclination to pay for the paper, but still, it's a shame.)

Reminder: Ollie has no super speed

A simple gag, done brilliantly, the team responds to the Earth -Xers try to break into a research facility, so Kara walks away in the sky to get there, Barry runs after her … and then they have to wait. Because Oliver, on his bicycle, does not have a speed as big as his friends. Ollie harshly telling both of them about this fact was delicious but was made even better by the totally unnecessary wheelie he threw during his eventual arrival. Poor Ollie, always feeling that he is compensating something.

Arrow pulls a Batman and Supergirl does not have fun

From the beginning, the green arrow of DC / CW was basically positioned as an equivalent of Batman with bow. The series has softened a lot over the years, but there was a clbadic Batman / Superman moment that developed perfectly in Crisis . When Supergirl's doppelgänger mocks Ollie's arrows can not pierce his skin, he, of course, pulls an arrow of Kryptonite from his quiver (although his tip was covered, presumably, with lead before firing). The reaction of our Supergirl was perfect and an obvious call to the many times that Superman yelled at Batman for keeping pieces of Kryptonite. It was wonderful.

Jax and Stein tackle their real problem

We knew that Jax was upset about the possibility of breaking Firestorm, so much so that Stein tries to find a scientific solution to give him something new, though boring. super powers But Jax finally told Stein the real reason why he is angry because they separated from Firestorm and they are FEELINGS. Dad's feelings to be exact It was so great to see them share that.

Oh, those new superpowers, though boring! They were basically low-quality Spider-Man powers to the extent that Jax really asks Stein: "Are you trying to turn me into a Spider-Man?" Jax evens asks if Stein's potion would give him a "spider sense". There have been a few allusions to the Marvel heroes in the DC / CW shows: a couple of episodes ago, I think Cisco mentioned something about someone "ginormous", but this is a concrete and undeniable proof that Marvel Comics is very well in DC / CW-verse- and that some of our heroes are fans.

Basically, everything Mick did

Mick "Heat Wave" Rory met Caitlin Snow before-he tried to kidnap her, in fact-but it's only when Earth-X Nazis invades the wedding that he meets Killer Frost. As it could correspond to a man who perennially wields a flamethrower and used to badociate with a man who carried a cold gun, Mick is super with the woman shooting ice daggers from the tips of his fingers. So in it, in fact, when Caitlin tells her that Frost appears when she's angry or scared, Mick literally shouts "booing."

Is it also great? The ex-criminal of Central City, Mick, sitting next to the Central City police captain, Singh, at the wedding made a great joke "Do not I know you?" Mick has no shame and we love it.

The Greatest American Officiant

The DC / CW shows always manage to bring the TV superheroes of yesteryear, but the cameo from the previous night was still a bit surprising. The man who officiated at the wedding of Barry and Iris was played by William Katt, protagonist of The Greatest American Hero in the early '80s. It was not based on a comic book, so there are no DC (or Marvel) Easter eggs, but it was a good cameo. Well, until the Nazis disintegrated him.

The line of the night

"Drilling Nazis was definitely as satisfying as I thought it would be". -Alex Danvers

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