The mortal Kombat 11 Rambo and two other DLC characters

Dataminer digs through the latest Mortal Combat 11 update files and potentially identifies the next three DLC characters.

Mortal combat 11 Just released a new update that added some Halloween skins to the popular fighting game. Dataminers wasted no time digging through files for the latest Mortal combat 11 Updated, possibly discovering three new DLC characters in the process.

And at first, it appears that Rambo, as in the character of Sylvester Stallone’s films, will be added Mortal combat 11 In the form of DLC. It would certainly fit the theme of the game adding 80s icons as guest characters, along with The Terminator and RoboCop in Rambo Fitting. According to Dataminar Anthony, who leaked this information too much, Rambo will have a lot of gear for the players as well as the organization.

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The other two DLC characters leaked Mortal combat 11 Include Rain, which has been teased by sports director Ed Boon, and shockingly, Mileena. Mileena is one of the most requested DLC characters since Mortal combat 11 Was launched, but it seemed that the Netherlands was not interested in joining the roster. In fact, Ed Boon has been actively trolling Milena’s fans on Twitter about her absence from the game, and many have dropped the possibility. But if this leak is correct, then it looks like Mileena is really going to come Mortal combat 11 At some point in the near future.

Unfortunately, it is unclear when this DLC will be made available, if it is ever released. While the efforts of dammining are usually very accurate, especially when it comes to leaking new Mortal combat 11 Content, there have been instances in the past where they were incorrect or contained outdated information. The most infamous example is probably Evil dead The evidence for this was also heavily rumored in the Ash Williams DLC that works for the game, also found by dataminers, only to actually materialize for nothing.

With this in mind, it is entirely possible that the latest Mortal combat 11 There will be nothing in the DLC leak, but if it does, it will probably be used to promote a new release of the game. Dataminers found that these characters have been labeled as “GOTY2”, possibly indicating a new version MK11 That will probably come with the base game, these new characters, and previously released result Detailed.

Reissue Mortal combat 11 The second time usually seems like a strange move, but it makes sense that this new version of the game is for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The next generation consoles provide a perfect opportunity for Ed Boon and company to re-release. MK11, And the inclusion of new DLC characters may be enough to convince some fans to double-dip. However, this is all speculation at the moment, and fans should hold their hopes up until the official announcement comes from NetherlandsRelm or Warner Bros. Interactive.

Mortal combat 11 Now out for PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch and Xbox One.

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