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Fusion energy can possibly meet all our energy demands. It is not just an easy matter to get the process working in a consistent way. We’re still talking a few seconds of production, but the Korea superconducting Tokamak Advance Research (KSTAR) device recently set a world record by maintaining its plasma for 20 seconds at super-hot 180 million degrees Fahrenheit – almost Double time second best effort.

Kestar’s ultimate goal is to run nonstop for five minutes at this temperature by 2025, which would be another important step to make fusion reactors a science fact, not a science-fiction one. Today we also have Tesla updates, iCloud pointless and more scientific breakthroughs.

-Matt Smith

This can lead to net zero emissions for air travel.

Nominated for the most likely science title this year, scientists at the University of Oxford have successfully converted CO2 into jet fuel. The technique effectively reverses the fuel burning process. The team heated a mixture of citric acid, hydrogen and an iron-manganese-potassium catalyst to turn CO2 into a jet aircraft capable liquid fuel.

The approach is inexpensive, simple and uses common materials. In fact, it is cheaper than the processes used to convert hydrogen and water into fuel. The research is talking with industrial partners, however, and there appear to be no major scientific hurdles. This conversion process will allow airlines to keep their existing aircraft and go carbon neutral until they are ready for environmentally friendly propulsion. It is like a hybrid energy aircraft, but, well, no.
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However, is completely valid.

The Bumble app is seen on an iPhone on March 16, 2017.  This app resembles Tinder, let's see heterosexuals find each other but Bumble only allows female users to start a conversation when interested parties have a match.  (Photo by Jaap Ariane / Nurpoto)

Buzzfeed News According to the news, Bumble took photos of artist Kylie Rockwitz, who was wearing a bikini swimsuit and underwear pictures due to a policy banning indoors. Apparently, a bikini top or shirtless look is fine as long as the shots are “taken out.” And no, you can’t edit the photo, apparently to fake an outdoor shot.

A spokesman said BuzzFeed The policy went into effect in 2016 following user complaints as well as research. The shirtless bathroom selfie was “the most swiped”. Users have pointed out inconsistencies – men post indoor selfies, so why can’t women with bras and swimsuits? Bumble has not yet fully clarified his policy.
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That pesky holiday activation increase.

You’re not alone if you had problems, over the weekend, getting your newly gifted iPad or Apple Watch up and running – or ready to help a relative. On Christmas day, Apple warned of iCloud account and sign-in issues. The company did not say much in the alert, but did tell a Twitter user that “high capacityWas causing problems.

Apple managed to get a handle on the issue on December 26 at 4:35 pm Eastern, or just 36 hours after its launch.
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