The MLB insider suggested that an outbreak of marlin’s coronavirus is hovering over the city’s players.

As the Miami Marlins deal with an outbreak of coronovirus in their own clubhouse, questions have been raised about how many players contracted the virus even with MLB’s rigid protocols and guidelines.

An MLB insider said on Tuesday that some members of the Marlins had gone out while the team went to Atlanta to play Braves for a two-match exhibition series before the start of the season.

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Bob Knightangle of USA Today told that some people may have been “careless” and that “at least one man made sure.”

The Marlins’ season was halted on Tuesday after several players and staff members contracted the coronavirus. At least four players tested positive for the virus on Sunday before their game against the Philadelphia Phillies. Positive tests spiraled from there.

“All of our players, coaches and staff have a difficult time ending this experience,” Marlins CEO Derek Jeter said in a statement.

The league announced that the Marlins games would be postponed through Sunday. The MLB also said that the game between the Phillies and the New York Yankees would also be postponed. The Yankees will begin the home and away series on Wednesday against the Baltimore Orioles.

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“Health and safety protocols were designed with a challenging situation, such as facing Marlins in mind. The response outlined in the Joint MLB-MLBPA Operation Manual was triggered immediately upon learning of a cluster of positive cases, Including contact tracing and quarantine. MLB said in a statement, “testing all identified close contacts. Marlins personnel tested positive, who are in isolation and receiving care. “

“In more than 6,400 tests conducted from Friday 24 July, there is no new positivity of on-field personnel from any of the other 29 clubs. This result is encouraging overall data since the trial began on 27 June Corresponds to. Thursday, July 23, 99 out of 32,640 samples – 0.3 percent – remained positive.

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“The difficult conditions of a club need to be diligent with protocols in all ways, both on and off the field. We will continue to grow our protocols and make any necessary adjustments. The reality of the virus is still huge. And we Everyday should work with this in mind. We are confident that clubs and players will work appropriately, for themselves and for others, and the data provide a reason to believe that the protocol is working effectively. Can. “

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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