The Miz Says He Doesn’t Plan To Be A WWE Transitional Champion

New WWE Champion The Miz recently spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso and said he does not plan to be a transition champion.

“I don’t plan on being a transition champion,” Miz said. “That idea just fuels my fire, and hearing it is nothing new.

“It makes me remember when I cashed the Money in the Bank contract and won the belt in 2010. People thought I would lose, but I didn’t. Instead, I won the WWE championship. When I won, I heard I was just going to be a transition champion, but I went on to the WrestleMania main event and won, like bad, in the main event, which never happens. Ten years later, I heard the same thing: I would never win the title. So this is another opportunity to prove to people that they are wrong, what I plan to do. “

Miz recalled how WWE President and CEO Vince McMahon trusted him when no one else did before the WrestleMania 27 main event against John Cena, and the history with The Rock. He talked about growing up for the past 5 years and credited his wife Maryse for helping him.

“Vince trusted me when no one else did,” Miz said. “He trusted me to face John Cena at WrestleMania 27 and be in that story with The Rock, who had just returned to WWE. I got lost in that story. By then they were made men and I still needed to do it myself. Working live with Cena and Randy Orton, that taught me what it takes to be a main participant. And I never stopped listening or learning.

“During the last five years, I have found a new team. I remember I faced AJ Styles when he came to WWE, and his style was very different from anything I was used to. It was then that I knew I needed to elevate my work. And my wife deserves a lot of credit too. Working with her, she gave me a confidence that took me to a new level. “

Miz also said that he is ready to be the face of WWE with this title reign.

“This is the most coveted award in all of WWE, and it’s mine,” Miz said. “I’m ready to lead Monday Night Raw and any main event or pay-per-view. I will be the face of this company and I will carry the title with the prestige and honor it deserves ”.

Stay tuned for more on The Miz and their potential WrestleMania 37 plans. You can click here for some great behind-the-scenes news on what could happen between now and then with The Miz.

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