The Minneapolis Star Tribune endorsed Omar’s primary challenge, calling the ‘squad’ member a ‘moral reprehensible’.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune on Wednesday rebuked the fiery House Democratic “squad”, repealing the reps. Ilhan Omar’s primary challenge, Anton Melton-Mook.

“After careful consideration and interviews with both, the Star Tribune Editorial Board recommended Melton-Moco, a first-time candidate with strong progressive values, who aligns well with the district, as well as a Builds skills to be respected as a professional mediator, ”the paper announced ahead of the August 11 primary.

The Star Tribune praised Melton-Mook for bringing “different sensibilities”, which “helped to settle disputes” and helped to “build common ground”.

ILMAN OMAR is currently performed by the Primary Residence Department of First Aid

“Whether it is health care, criminal justice or affordable housing, Melton-Mago appears to be progressive, but practical,” the editorial board explained. “While Omar wants to lead a movement, Melton-Mook wants to serve the Fifth District.”

The paper unfavorably compared Omar’s desire to “discredit and even disband the police” and to chase Medrant-for-All to make Melton-Mook “a system in which police Be held accountable for their actions “and enacted the Affordable Care Act.


The Star Tribune wrote, “As an intermediary, Melton-Moco stated that they have learned to speak in different languages, which is an ‘offer’ in a language familiar to them, which they can buy.” old. “His experience on Capitol Hill, as a partner with the Congressional Black Caucus, has given him a valuable window into how skilled leaders work against the odds to bring about change.”

The editorial board also knocked out Omar’s “misconduct”, including inflammatory comments about Israel and its campaign-finance issues, notably claiming that Omar owed her husband’s political consulting firm at least $ 1.6 million Send.

The Star Tribune stated, “It is only this type of moral disturbance that the Fifth District can do without.” “In an editorial board interview, Omar took little responsibility for his rocky debut, instead largely blaming his critics and stating that his failure might not have made him realize that in Congress he was a ‘ There won’t be a special unicorn. ”

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While the paper noted that Omar’s background as a Somali refugee is “well known,” it noted that Melton-Mook is a descendant of the slave and noted that “his mother produced cotton, And his father used service in Vietnam and the GI Bill. To put himself through college and bring his family to the middle class. “Melton-Muxu later became a lawyer and mediator, raising children. Taking matters on the nutrition side.

“Melton-Mook meets the needs of a fully diversified constituency they hope to represent,” concludes the endorsement, “and, if given the chance, is the kind of leader who is a fragmented district.” Can unite. “