The Michael Cohen memoir calls Trump “a fraud, a bully, a racist, a hunter”

Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s new statement-all memoir states that his long relationship with Donald Trump led to Mr. Trump “being what he really was:” a hoax, a lie, a hoax, a bully, A racist, a hunter, con man. ”

His allegations, his most detailed to date, are part of an uncertain and deeply personal put-down of the president. Cohen considers Mr. Trump as an “organized crime don” and a “master manipulator” who is “guilty of similar crimes” who landed his former fixer in federal prison, and he is a detailed figure of Mr. Trump’s alleged role Details are presented. Money scam during 2016 election.

In “Disorder: The True Story of the President’s Attorney to President Donald J. Trump”, Cohen recalled porn actress Stormy Daniels’ claims of an extramarital affair with Trump. Mr Trump, despite his subsequent protests, flagged off a $ 130,000 payment to silence Daniels ahead of the 2016 election, saying his wife would be “overpaid” if he ever becomes known. Gotta do, Cohen writes, the president later reimbursed him with “fake legal fees”.

According to Cohen, “It never pays to settle these things, but many, many friends have advised me to pay.” “If it unfolds, I’m not sure how it will play with my supporters. But I’m sure they think it would be nice that I slept with a porn star.”

The White House called Cohen’s memoir a “fan fiction.”

White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern said in a statement, “He readily admits to lying, but expects people to believe him now so that he can make money from book sales.” “It is unfortunate that the media is exploiting this sad and desperate man to attack President Trump.”

Cohen also writes that Mr. Trump held “low opinions of all black people”.

“Tell me that a country is run by a black person who is not as *** a hole, ‘he will challenge me because he cursed Obama’s stupidity. They are all full ***** *** *** G are toilets, “Cohen writes.

He noted Mr. Trump’s fixation with Mr. Obama, whose appearance and manner of speaking made fun of him.

“Obama is f ***** g phony, ‘Trump shouted.” He is a Manchurian candidate. He is not even ***** ***** g American. The only reason he was f ** k at Harvard Law School and Columbia. *** G affirmative action. He is his f **** * G could never come to those schools at grade. F *** him, “Cohen recalls.

Once upon a time, Mr. Trump also produced a video in which he starred as “Faux-Bama” – an actor who played Mr. Obama – to review his first-term performance and then fired.

Photo from a fake President Obama video of “firing” Donald Trump.

“Disorder: The True Story of the President Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump” by Michael Cohen.

CBS News received an early copy of the book, which is to be released on Tuesday. The book is distributed by Simon & Schuster, a division of ViacomCBS.

Cohen, who pleaded guilty to lying to Congress and promoting other crimes, including finances, calls himself the “star witness” of a hush-money conspiracy that ended charges for the president even after he left the presidency Can. He described his new book as an “original piece of presidential guilt”.

He compared his jealousy to mental illness to Mr. Trump and compared himself to a drug user in need of intervention.

Cohen adds, “I never understood why it meant so much to me to please Trump.” “To date I don’t have a complete answer.”

The memoir provides an introspection – and at times self-loathing – of Trump’s apology for Cohen’s role in the political ascent. He urged Mr. Trump for years to run for president, but now says his election “catapulted the nation and perhaps even the world to the brink of disaster.”

“I think Trump had a no-nonsense approach and charisma to attract all kinds of voters,” he writes. But the real reason he wanted Mr. Trump in the White House, Cohen, was “because I wanted the power he would bring to me.”

He also writes that Mr. Trump’s three oldest children came to Cohen’s office in 2015 after announcing his campaign, in which Mr. Trump referred to people coming to the US from Mexico as rapists and murderers. Cohen says he told her to convince his father to drop him out of the race, saying his rhetoric was “a murder of the company”.

Cohen says that Mr. Trump was unaffiliated with any kind of damage to his businesses. According to Cohen, “Besides, I would never get the Hispanic vote.” “Like blacks, they are too stupid to vote for Trump. They are not my people.”

Throughout the book, Cohen returns to Mr. Trump’s treatment of women.

He remembers Mr. Trump ogling contestants in his Miss Universe pageant and boasting that he could “have them all” if he wanted. He also claimed to have seen Trump corner and forcibly kiss women in his office.

And Cohen writes about Mr. Trump’s layering on Cohen’s 15-year-old daughter in 2012 at Mr. Trump’s New Jersey Golf Club. Cohen writes that when she informed Mr. Trump that it was her daughter, Mr. Trump replied: “When was she so hot?”

Cohen also highlighted the president’s appreciation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying he admired him the most because he “had the balls to handle the entire nation and run his private company.”

Beyond his dealings with the president, Cohen expressed indifference about the experiences, which he says revealed his fierce loyalty and attack-dog personality. The Long Island native, the son of a Holocaust survivor, writes about rubbing shoulders with robberies at his uncle’s club, where he worked as a teenager. After watching the pool side shooting, he said that he finds it a duty to keep quiet. A few days later, he writes, a stern looking fellow filled him an envelope with $ 500 cash.

Cohen has led a propaganda attack during his memoir, even serving his federal sentence while in house captivity. A judge ruled this summer that authorities had retaliated against him in sending him back to New York prison after he was ousted because of a coronovirus epidemic for publishing the book before the November election.

Cohen was released from domestic imprisonment in July and was banned by the government, depriving him of his ability to speak publicly.

Cohen writes, “This story I love my wife, my children, and the country so much.”