The Metup lineup gets cold at the worst time in damage to the Blue Jas

BUFFALO – For the past two weeks, it’s about all the roses from this lineup, but Saturday night the Mets were a handful of dead dandelions.

Perhaps it was the hangover effect after scoring 18 last night. For almost 3 never hours he waited for a big hit that never came in the 3–2 loss to the Blue Jays at Sahalen Field that pulled off his two-match winning streak.

It ended in a weird way, after Rosario was ruled out, Ames Rosario picked up first base to end the game (it came on a challenge again by Blue Jayce) but on a wild pitch from Rafael Dolis on strike three Arrived for the first time. The pickup left Jeff McNeill standing at the plate.

“From my point of view I was safe,” Rosario said. “There were similar calls throughout the game and they never reversed, so I couldn’t figure it out.”

Decrease Rosario’s three hits, and the Mets barely pulsed one. And yet they remained in the game until late on a good start from Seth Lugo and a shutdown of the Bulldown performance.

Michael Conerto turned in a double for Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who failed in the sixth inning of the Mets' 3–2 defeat to the Blue Jets.
Michael Conerto turned in a double for Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who failed to make it to the Blue match 3–2 in the sixth match.Getty Images

A team that entered a major league-best .346 with the runners in scoring position in September returned to their August ways. The Mets scored 1-for-11 with the runners in scoring position this night and dropping seven runners on base.

The Mets (21-25) need to recover quickly and figure out how to win Sunday’s series finale. Two weeks from today, the regular season ends, and the Mets advance to two games in the race for a wild-card berth – in a crowded mix that includes the Giants, Marlins, Cardinals, Brewers and Rockies.

The Mets may just run out of time.

“I’d say it’s a realistic thing, but if we focus on it we’re focused on the wrong thing,” Lugo said. “I can’t think so and it’s not like other people.”

In his fourth start, Lugo hit 5 fourth / and innings, scoring three earned runs on seven hits and walking one with five strikes. The outing was Lugo’s longest since the rotation, but the Mets still need to work deeper into the game.

“I feel great,” Lugo said. “[But] I would like to get through six. As a starter that is your job and to save the bullpen, as they have to face again tomorrow, not me. ”

Chyne Shreeve converted Lugo in the sixth and saw Jonathan Willer hit a grounder between JD Davis and Rosario – both defenders intercepted – for an RBI single that gave the Blue Jays the lead 3–1.

Lugo spent a lot of energy surviving the fifth after loading the bases. The Mets defeated the Mets 2–1 after a sacrifice by Travis Shaw, when Lugo pushed forward the innings of Alejandro Kirk and Joe Panik and Cavan Bigigo each scored one.

Lugo limited the loss to one run in the fourth after allowing three straight hits. The biggest play was Lugo who catches Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s bouncer and goes to an open base in the third, just hitting Travis Shaw with a bag. Blue Jay challenged, but the call was upheld. Lugo held the next two batsmen 1–1.

Randall was responsible for Grichuk’s infield single run, after Shaw’s double to fall under the right-center fence and Bo Bichette, who scored, was sent back to third base, chasing a challenge by the Mets. Bingett’s opening opening single marked the rally.

Jake Marisnik’s RBI double in the fourth gave the Mets the first run. It remained a hot stretch for Marisnik, who entered on 9 August (23 .409). On August 28, after coming off the injured list. Michael Conforto reached the top in the second inning as Cavan Bigigo booted from his single into right field. Robinson Cano made a double walk against Robbie Ray to extend the inning for Marisnik, who later left the game with a right hamstring tightness.


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