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The Meteorological Authority | Snow for Alabama center tomorrow

Winter Weather Advisory issued for parts of Central and Southwestern Alabama tomorrow

by James Spann and the Weather Blog ABC 33/40:

THIS AFTERNOON: Most of the precipitation is on the south half of declaring this afternoon; we observed several reports of slush on the northern periphery of the great mass of rain; there will be no impact with temperatures well above the freezing point this afternoon. Most communities are in the mid-1940s.

WINTER WEATHER WARNING : a winter weather advisory will be applied for parts of northeastern, central and southwestern Alabama from 3:00 a.m. at 6:00 p.m. morning.

WARNING ON THE WINTER STORM: AND … a winter storm warning has been issued for parts of southwestern Alabama and southeastern Mississippi … 1-3 "possible in the warning area This includes places in Alabama such as Thomasville, Grove Hill, Jackson, Millry and Butler.

PLACEMENT: The Winter Weather Warning is in effect for areas south of a line from Cedar Bluff to Oneonta and Tuscaloosa to Livingston, and north of a line from Jackson to Selma to Prattville to Dadeville and Lafayette.The air is too dry in the northern third of the state for any significant precipitation tomorrow, and the low levels will be too warm for the snow tomorrow in southeastern Alabama.

It is important to note that not everyone in the winter weather council saw the snow. Some in the far north could not see anything, and others in the southern part could see all the rain. Rain / snow lines do not magically stop at the county lines.

Most likely there is a heavier snow strip of 30 to 40 miles, and it is very difficult to make an identification well in advance.

AMOUNTS: Snow accumulation should generally be 1 inch or less, mainly in areas with grass and elevated surfaces. Soil temperatures are around 50 degrees, and that will greatly limit the potential for accumulation. However, there will be a 30-40 mile wide strip of heavier snow somewhere in Central Alabama, and some communities may see more than an inch.

CHRONOLOGY: A mixture of sleet, snow and rain will expand north to central Alabama in the time period from 2:00 to 5:00 am, and should change to snow between 5: 00 and 8:00 a. m. since the very cold air works slowly to the south. The highest snow rates will probably come sometime between 8:00 and 12:00 noon … the precipitation will decrease tomorrow afternoon.

IMPACT: Temperatures tomorrow morning will be in the range of 28-34 degrees; There could be a glacial trip, especially on bridges and overpasses, during the morning. The temperatures should go above the freezing point, in the middle and until the 30, before the end of the morning and during the afternoon, alleviating the problem of ice on the roads. However, temperatures will freeze quite fast again tomorrow night, and any water that remains on the roads could freeze. The problems of "black ice" are likely to remain on Saturday morning.

REMEMBER: With almost every winter weather event in Alabama, there is a surprise or two. Watch for last-minute forecast changes; if you use a previous forecast (more than 6 hours), it is incorrect information.

OTHER SNOWMAGEDDON? No, because surface temperatures this time will be 10-15 degrees warmer on the surface. During the snow event of January 2014, temperatures were in the range of 17-21 degrees when the snow was falling, and the process of ice accumulation on the roads is radically different when it is so cold (we all learned the hard way ).

THE WEEKEND OF ALABAMA: The weather will be dry and cold, with mainly sunny days and fair nights; maximums in the 40s and minimums in the 20s.

NEXT WEEK: Dry weather is likely to continue with temperatures below average; A new wave of cold air arrives on Tuesday and Wednesday. See the Weather Xtreme video for maps, graphs and more details.

WEATHER BRAINS: Do not forget that you can listen to our weekly 90-minute network broadcast anytime on the web or on iTunes. This is the show about the weather that features many familiar voices, including our meteorologists here on ABC 33/40.

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