The MCU already introduced Uncle Ben in the 2008 Iron Man

A Reddit theory could prove the existence of Ben Parker in the MCU and how it came to be in Spider Man 3.

Like Batman, the death of a relative helps define Spider-Man, and the duo cautiously tells their origin story countless times in multiple pieces of media, requiring their backstory to be meaningless. Because of this, the Marvel Cinematic Universe debuted Spider-Man, as he was months into his crime-fighting career, sparking his origin story and the death of Uncle Ben. While this troubled fan who still expects to see Uncle Ben in some fashion, a Reddit theory postulates that Uncle Ben may already be introduced in the MCU.

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In Iron manWhen Tony Stark returns home after his abduction, he holds a press conference, announcing all of Stark Industries’ military contracts with Tony. Before the announcement, Tony sits down with the press and questions it. One of the press members he called is a reporter named Ben. While most audience members may not think twice about this, the Easter egg hunt fanatics believe it is Ben Parker, and he works for The Daily Armpit.

Within the retrospective continuation of this concept Iron man This is not the first thing, as it was revealed that Peter Parker himself was in. Iron man 2 like a child. While the first two Spider-Man films have made no mention of Ben Parker, aside from the initials in a briefcase Spider-Man: Away from home Hopefully the third Spider-Man film will bring more information about Uncle Ben, especially if he is indeed this reporter.

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As most comic fans know, Peter Parker’s second job is a photographer for The Daily Bugle. While Spider-Man of the MCU did not have to struggle for money due to the financial and mechanical support of Tony Stark out of high school, Tony-less Peter may have wanted to try to find some employment. This is where reporter Ben Angle comes in. Peter may decide to go to The Daily Buggle as a reporter or an employee in his uncle’s career, possibly destined as a legacy employee. However, there is a small plot hole with this theory.

Credit scene after Away from home Mysterio has leaked Spider-Man’s identity as Peter Parker in The Daily Bugle. The comments section of the Reddit theory notes in a possible way that Peter would get legal help from Murdock Mockock, who would prove Peter and Spider-Man to different people and potentially negotiate a job at Bugle Peter. To amend for defamation. It complements Peter’s comic-accurate job description and gives viewers J.K. J. of Simmons Jenna makes a comeback as Jameson, while possibly also bringing back Charlie Cox’s Daredevil.

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