The McDonald’s Travis Scott Campaign is a brilliant marketing ploy

  • On Tuesday, McDonald’s debuted with Travis Scott Meal – a quarter pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce, medium fries and sprite with BBQ sauce.
  • Limited-time deals only use items already on the McDonald’s menu, giving the fast-food chain buzz without adding complexity to their kitchens.
  • In a memo obtained by Business Insider, McDonald’s stated that Scott was just “the first in a suite of big celebrities” with whom the series is planned to partner.
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This is the book’s oldest move – the sale of a fast-food chain with a limited-time menu offering.

But in the case of McDonald’s partnership with Travis Scott, the chain did not need to add a single new component to its kitchen to pull the deal.

McDonald’s introduced Travis Scott food on September 8 – a quarter pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce, medium fries with BBQ, and a sprite. The combo, which is the rapper’s favorite meal in the fast-food chain, costs $ 6 and will be available until October 4.

Of course, the very same food will be available after that date. You just have to order burgers, fries and sprites instead of asking for “Travis Scott food”.

The limited-time offerings are a fast-food staple, with chains such as Taco Bell and KFC regularly cycling through new, on-trend menu items. Limited-time menu items help generate buzz and fuel around a brand, which can turn customers into advertisers as they share photos on social media or discuss new food options with friends.

However, the downside of new menu items is that they create more complications in the kitchen. Speed ​​is important in fast-food, and it can be expensive to buy new ingredients – especially if the sale of a menu item coincides with what the company has not predicted.

Right now, McDonald’s franchises – which own and operate 95% of McDonald’s locations in the US – are pushing for a simplified menu. The chain cuts its menu during the epidemic, cutting salads and all-day breakfasts. Sources told Business Insider that many of these items are returning to franchisees.

Travis Scott makes food a true value proposition. People are excited about a new meal tied to the on-trend celebrity. But franchises don’t really need to make workers’ lives more complicated by adding new items to the menu.

And yet, not all franchises are happy with the partnership, with some opposing the deal due to Scott’s more outspoken lyrics. The partnership continues to be a topic of discussion for McDonald’s, however, with the launch of the No. 1 top trending spot on Twitter on the day of the partnership.

Sounds like McDonald’s will try to recreate the apparent success of the Travis Scott partnership through other celebrity collaborations in the future.

“Travis is the first in a suite of big celebrities that resonate across segments and are true fans of our food and our brand,” McDonald US CMO Morgan Flatley said in an August memo obtained by Business Insider. “We can’t wait to share the rest of the lineup in due time.”