The mayor says that parents send a student to school when infected with coronovirus

The Kovid-19 positive student attended the class on Monday, but his diagnosis was not reported to the school until the following day, Atleboro High School Superintendent David Sawyer said in a letter to families Tuesday night. Sawair said that eighteen students who had close contact with the infected person have been notified and asked to quarantine for 14 days.

The school did not identify the student and family.

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Attleboro Mayor Paul Heroux and the superintendent were amazed by the incident, Mayer told CNN. The parents told the city’s Health Department that when they found out that their child’s test was positive on September 11, they thought the child could go to school after quarantining for several days, according to Herox.

“Parents used very poor decisions, it’s a matter of great disappointment,” Hurks said. “The school department did everything they were supposed to do.”

Sawyer told the families that the incident was not due to a lack of security protocols. He said the district’s pressscreens and contact tracing are in place to help reduce the spread of coronovirus, but ultimately there is no way to completely stop the spread at school.

In a parental plea, Heroux asked families to keep their children indoors if they tested positive or were awaiting the results of a coronovirus test, and call the school or health department if they Have a question?


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