The Mayor of SF London Breed had their own French laundry party – Gavin Newsom’s Night

Gavin Newsom is in good company when it comes to politicians to attend fancy birthday parties, while encouraging others to avoid gathering.

It was after San Francisco Mayor London Breed dined at the French Laundry the night after Newsom’s infamous, ill-advised, mid-pandemic Soirée at the three-star Michelin restaurant in Yonville.

Breed took leave a few days after the election and joined seven others on the night of 7 November. Breed spokesman Jeff Cretton confirmed to celebrate the 60th birthday of socialite Goretti Lou Lui. The party of eight dined in a partially enclosed room with a terrace and chandelier, as did Newsome – making it more of an indoor dining experience than an outdoor dinner.

Cretan characterized the occasion as a “small family birthday dinner”, but it is unclear how many more households were included in the group.

While indoor food was permitted in Napa County at the time, with no specified limit on the number of homes, state guidelines “strongly discouraged” social ceremonies and limited them to three homes. Breed’s dinner at a lavish restaurant – amid an economic catastrophe that has led to countless small businesses being shut down and lines extended to new lengths at local food banks – cannot be technically violated, but This is not a great sight.

The dinner would certainly have violated San Francisco’s health guidelines if it occurred in Breed’s own city. San Francisco has issued stricter guidance than the state for many types of businesses, including restaurants that were not meant to give seats to large groups of six indoors or outdoors until everyone lived together. Three days after dining at the French Laundry, Breed completely banned indoor food in San Francisco.

“I cannot emphasize how important it is that everyone acts responsibly to reduce the spread of the virus. 10.” Breed said in a statement. Every San Franciscone needs to do its part so that we can move in the right direction then. “

This is just the latest example of a politician not actually practicing what he preaches. When Newsom attended his French laundry dinner on the 50th birthday of Jason Kinney, the party of 12 included more than three households. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got her hair done in San Francisco, while ordering the salon to close.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liqucardo told people to avoid big celebrations for Thanksgiving, but attended the holiday dinner of his elderly parents in Saratoga, along with other relatives of five families. Supervisor Sheila Kuehl of Los Angeles County voted last week to ban outdoor dining – and was seen hours later dining outside an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica.

This is enough to make some residents wonder why they are following the rules if people are not installing them.

Jessica Levinson, a professor of political ethics at Loyola Law School, said the hypocrisy exhibited by these politicians is surprising – especially because they are rules that are not difficult to follow.

“It’s not hard to get out of a birthday party in a French laundry,” he said. “It is not asking people to storm Normandy’s beaches. This is just to stay home and takeout and take a vacation on the zoom. “

Jason McDaniel, an associate professor of political science at San Francisco State University, said Breed’s poorly considered dinner comes at a particularly bad time as he is likely to impose more restrictions on residents and businesses this week in cases of coronavirus Dangerous spikes can be checked. He said residents needed to rely on their decisions to reduce the rate of cases.

“Right now any increase in condemnation about our political leaders could potentially be costly,” he said. “Our elected leaders must keep themselves at a high level. The mayor and governor failed to meet that high standard before that. “

Cretton said the mayor paid for his own dinner and insisted that indoor and outdoor dining was permitted in the Nappa and San Francisco counties at the time. He said Breed dined at several restaurants when the coronovirus case rate was low to support him financially.

“Now, with the case rate rising, and the Bay Area count coming back into the purple category, she is once again limiting her actions and encouraging all San Franciscans to do the same Is, “he said.

Lui is the vice chairman of the Board of Governors of the San Francisco Symphony and a member of the Asian Arts Commission, which consists of 27 members nominated by other commissioners but subject to the approval of the mayor. Her husband, Lawrence Louis, is the president of Stanford Hotels and a hotel developer who broke ground on the Marriott Soma Mission Bay Hotel in 2018. His father is Hong Kong billionaire Che-woo Louis.

Goretti and Lawrence Louis regularly appear on the city’s social circuit.

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