The Mayor of Rochester dismissed the police chief and suspended the top lawyer after Daniel Prud’s death

Mayor of Rochester, New York relieved City police chief City’s top lawyer suspended after his duties and Daniel Prude Death in police custody. The announcement was made after a preliminary managerial review of how the city and police officers acted after Pruede’s death by the city’s deputy mayor.

Mayor Lovely Warren said Monday would be Police Chief La’Ron Singletary’s last day with the city’s police department and that two employees in the city have been suspended without pay: Communications Director Justin Rose and the city’s top lawyer Tim Curtin . Singletary originally planned to retire at the end of the month.

In a summary of his 323-page review, Deputy Mayor James Smith described “a culture of insanity, acceptance and, quite frankly, callousness” in the police department.

Smith wrote that no one from the department told the mayor’s office about Prude’s death until mid-April – eight days after the police union was reportedly informed and allowed to view body camera footage.

But when Chief Singletary told Rose about Prude’s death in an April 10 email, he misconstrued the medical examiner’s findings, Smith wrote. In an email included in the report, Singleri stated that the medical examiner found that Prude’s death was caused by PCP intoxication, agitated delirium and “resisting arrest” – when, in fact, the report concluded that she was suffering from PCP intoxication, agitated delirium and Complications of asphyxia in the setting of “died from” physical restraint. ”

According to the email included in the report, the chief did not provide the medical examiner’s report or body camera footage.

“This email is certainly inconsistent with conversations between the previous chiefs and the director of communications, and it can be seen as minimal,” Smith wrote. “It should be asked why the lead singer presented director Rose with such a limited view of the situation.”

The review summary also criticized Rose and Curtin for demanding to see footage of the body or failing to inform Mayor Warren of the importance of the case.

The deputy mayor said that only two known email threads about the case involved Roj. “Nevertheless, it should be noted that director Rose missed these opportunities and did not review [bodycam] Inform the mayor of the footage and your findings, ”he wrote.

Although Rose of Singletary said from March 23, the mayor “has been in the loop” since March 23, not specifying what that meant. Mayor Warren has stated that Singletary initially told him that Prude had died of an overdose, and that she was not aware of the full story until she saw the bodymark footage in early August. The deputy mayor’s review supports that claim.

daily Tweeted a statement Monday accepted the mayor’s decision to suspend him.

He wrote, “The Chief Singletary had stated in his email that the Mayor and the Law Department had already been informed.” “Therefore, I was not aware of what happened because the chief said that he had done his responsibility to do so. In hindrance, I agreed that I should further inquire with the chief minister and / or his email with the mayor. Took the opportunity to discuss. ”

Likewise, while Smith credits Curtin that he informed the mayor about the footage after watching it once in August, he said that the action came after Curtin was included on a June email about body cam footage. Should have done

“to his credit, [Curtin] Smith said the video was the first to see a spontaneous or visceral reaction to its content – but the response came at least two, and of course five months, too late, ”Smith said.

Mayor Warren said the culture of policing in Rochester needed to be changed and apologized for the negligence that reviewed the case.

Warren said, “This initial glance showed that we have a formidable problem with the Rochester Police Department, one that looks at the badge and the citizens who serve us, not them”. “Never again can we allow any man or woman to die unnecessarily in police custody.”

Mayor Warren also called for a federal review of Prud’s investigation and asked the US Attorney’s Office to look into any violation of Prud’s civil rights. “This tragic loss of life has shown that we have systemic failures,” she said. “We have to accept these failures and keep these forms that create transparency.”

Prude’s death was largely unknown until his family released body camera footage of his encounter with the police. The footage showed officers confronting a naked Prude, who his family said had a mental health episode on March 23 on Rochester Street.

Footage which Protested In the city, officers show Pruid handcuffed, spit on his face and ground his face for more than three minutes. There have been seven officers involved in the arrest. suspended.