The Mayor of New Orleans makes a pitch for Russell Wilson

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Russell Wilson has made it clear that he would accept a trade to the Saints, along with three other teams. And while Drew Brees has yet to retire (and possibly won’t), New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has made her proposal for Wilson to join the Saints.

“I’ve heard the rumors now,” Cantrell said in a video posted Saturday, “and I want to make sure you understand that the city of New Orleans is a place for you and your beautiful family. . . . I know, Mr. Wilson, that You will be a great addition to the New Orleans Saints.. Most importantly, I can see us at that number, winning the Super Bowl championship once again.

“And what else can I see? Mrs. Ciara Wilson herself in that leading state during the historic Essence Festival. I just wanted to stop by to let you know that we not only admire you, we love you. “

Frankly, Wilson doesn’t need to sell himself on the Saints. Through his agent, he has already listed the Saints as one of four teams to whom he would accept a trade. At this point, it’s up to the Saints and Seahawks. Will the Saints make the Seahawks an offer they won’t refuse, one that is better than an offer made by the Bears, Cowboys or Raiders?

Therefore, Mayor Cantrell should not pressure Wilson but the Saints. Whether Wilson comes to New Orleans depends on whether the Saints make a move that will successfully secure their services from Seattle.

Meanwhile, Drew Brees has yet to retire.

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