The Mayor of Atlanta held a press conference while waiting for the results of the COVID test

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who announced this week that she and two of her family members tested positive for COVID-19, said she received the results for the rest of her family.

In a Wednesday morning tweet, the mayor wrote: “We FINALLY received the results of our tests taken 8 days earlier. A person in my house was positive then. When we retested, 1 week later, 3 of us had COVID. If we had known earlier, we would have quarantined immediately. Maybe the National Guard can help with the tests too. “

When she revealed her positive diagnosis on Monday, Bottoms said her husband and one of her children also tested positive.

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Another child tested negative. Two others and their mother still needed to be tested, he said. Bottoms did not disclose its results in Wednesday’s tweet.

In the post, the mayor appears to acknowledge that he was aware of his exposure risk when he organized a Sunday press conference filled with a room full of police, Fire Chief Randall Slaughter, three members of the Atlanta City Council, media communication and relatives of 8-year-old shooting victim Secoriea Turner.

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According to an administrative order signed by Georgia Department of Public Health Commissioner Kathleen E. Toomey last month, anyone who approaches six feet of an affected person for 15 minutes or more will have to be quarantined at home. for 14 days.

The press conference setting can be low risk if proper precautions are taken, according to Dr. Marybeth Sexton, an infectious disease expert at Emory University. She said that most of the mayor’s press conference attendees were unlikely to be exposed while wearing masks.

The CDC defines exposure as at least 15 minutes of face-to-face contact with a COVID-19 carrier when neither party is wearing a mask.

According to Sexton, it is also unlikely that the acting police chief was infected by speaking into the same microphone as Bottoms.

“Surface contamination is believed to be rare,” Sexton said. “You would have to put your hand on the microphone and then your mouth.”

As a precaution, the fire chief has opted for quarantine pending the results of a COVID-19 test.

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Bottoms should isolate themselves and cooperate with state and local public health personnel to identify and locate the people they came into contact with two days before their positive test sample, according to the order.

You may also need to provide a list of the places you visited during the time when you could have transmitted the disease.

Violation of the order is considered a misdemeanor. has contacted the mayor’s spokesperson for more details.

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