‘The Masked Dancer’ reveals the celebrity hidden under cricket

After dancing to Montel Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”, McKnight was unmasked for audiences and panelists. Earlier in the competition, she danced “Jump (For My Love)” by Pointer Sisters.

Among the panelists, Paula Abdul guessed right along with McKnight, Ken Jeong guessed it was Michael Phelps, Brian Austin Green guessed Ryan Lochte, and Ashley Tisdale guessed cricket was Ashton Kutcher. Rob Lowe, who appears as a guest panelist, also chose Lotte.

For the show’s clue dropping feature, “Word Up”, in which each contestant leaves a one-word clue to help the panelists identify who they are, McKnight “used” then “All-Star”.

Along with cricket, this season’s costumes include Sloth, Exotic Bird, Zebra, Tulip, Cotton Candy, Moth, Disco Ball, Ice Cube and Hammerhead.

So far the show has featured Bill Ney the Science Guy as Ice Cube, Elizabeth Smart as Moth and Ice-T as Disco Ball.

For McKnight, his next project will be a virtual Valentine’s Day concert on 13 February.


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