The Mask Singer season 4 episode 2 recap: Gremlins unmasked himself

Do not feed the gremlin after midnight, do not let it come in contact with water … and show caution when putting it on “The Mask Singer”. For the first time in a series, “The Mask Singer” didn’t see a celebrity on Wednesday night – the celebrity unmasking herself.

Mickey Rourke was the second artist to leave “The Masked Singer” in season 4, performing as Gremlins. The cute, warm dress may have contributed to the premature exit, as Rourke decided to lift her mask after performing. (Scroll down to do a self-inspection.)

Surprising Nick Cannon, the show’s panelist and host, he said, “Damiti, it’s hot, I’m taking it off.”

“We’ve lost control, this is the Gremlin show!” Cannon called out for help. By that time it was too late. “It’s a ‘masked singer’,” Cannon said. “We didn’t get votes, other people didn’t get to exit.”

Rourke decided not to press any in relation to his exit, which included everyone. When asked by Cannon on the show why he wanted to do ‘M The Mask Singer’, Rourke said, “I was in the neighborhood. I like this show, I watched four episodes and they asked if I would be interested if I was watching from the beginning and it’s all nonsense.

On “The Mask Singer”, Rourke-a-Gremlin played Ben E. Performed King’s “Stand By Me”. Rourke introduced his friend Willie Devil as a musician who died in 2009. “It meant a lot because this song was sung by Willie Devil, one of my best friends,” he said. “Willie died a long time ago and I have missed him for a long time. I think Willy sent me this song the other night for some reason. ”

However he did not give his final estimate – Rourke took off his mask before he got to that point – but before that, panelist Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg guessed him right. Other names speculated included Jerry Lee Lewis (Robin Thicke) and Stone Cold Steve Austin (Ken Jeong).

“Greetings, I’m Gremlins,” the character said in his clue package. “Despite my checkered history, I can actually be quite attractive. A true romantic. You may have heard that I may be a little belligerent. But I also have an alcoholic side. I roam all the animals, long on the beach, and curse worthy opponents with foreign objects for maximum effect. I also like to cook. Maybe you like what you see. I love you for dinner I mean, for dinner. But first of all, I trust you. ”

This season, the show’s panelists are competing for a “Golden Year” trophy based on their first impressions of each “masked artist” – and in one week, Thicke and Schrezinger took the lead as they both chose Busty Rhymes Was. But in week two, it was not revealed if anyone’s first impression was correct (but it is doubtful).

The group’s costumes for this episode also included Baby Alien, Crocodile, Whatmaklit, Seahorse and Serpent.

Here were the other contestants and their performances in two weeks:

Lazy image

Crocodile, “The Mask Singer”
Courtesy of Fox


song: “This Is My Life,” by Bon Jovi
Power: “Thick skin”
Weakness: “Quick to snap”
voice over: “Welcome to Lover’s Lagoon, where soon I will crop up and make you happy.” Becoming a crocodile was a natural selection, because I am happiest in water. And ever since I was a child, surrounded by heartache and instability in Hollywood, I was forced to develop thick skin. But crocodiles get a bad rap for being cold-blooded, when actually inside I’m a warm, sensitive creature who just wants to be loved back. And I can’t wait to share my hidden talent as I pretend to be a wicked elder. “
The panel is estimated by: John Hamm, Nick Lachey, Donnie Pahlberg

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Baby alien, “The Mask Singer”
Courtesy of Fox

Baby alien

song: “Faith,” by George Michael
Power: “Interstellar cuteness”
Weakness: “Freak at nap”
voice over: “This is the time of my rebirth. See, I’ve been stuck in second gear for a while. Back when I was the cream of the crop cycle, I was in a theater every week. Even Baby on the Tony Awards stage. But before long, I became a second thought, lost in space. So I have opened my baby girl’s eyes to other emotions. Navigating a new path where as a puppet guru, my fate lies in my hands. And I find a golden mask in my crib. “
The panel is estimated by: Ralph Macchio, David Schwimmer, Freddie Princes Jr.

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Seahorse, “The Mask Singer”
Courtesy of Fox

Sea horse

song: “Only Girl (in the World)” by Rihanna
Power: “Splash”
Weakness: “Dangerous Undercurrents”
voice over: “Howie Partners, not from these parts, then doing yes. You know, all my life I’ve felt trapped by my insecurities and shame, and scared to burn a fire inside. And you can call me melodramatic But at times I felt lost in this world. Like I was always swimming upstairs. But here, I get a chance to stop the tug of war with myself and finally unleash the Divine Diva from within. This camouflage armor Below I am harnessing the power of the sea voyage to show myself bright new sides. Leaving all my former fears on this path to glory. “
The panel estimates: Halsey, Hailey Steinfeld, Babe Rexa

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Whitmatch, “The Mask Singer”
Courtesy of Fox


song: “Wish,” by Sky-Lo
Power: “eyes on the prize”
Weakness: “Tangles”
voice over: “I am magical, mythical, full of jazzy, snazzy and pizazz. You see, people think that I am a shy boy. Especially because I let others get into my headlines. As a bright hairball, I can shine alone, because it is world wide. I can dance with the stars, surf candy bars, buzz with bees and swing with keys. It is time for the world to turn the tables. Because I don’t want to be child today, gone tomorrow.
The panel is estimated by: Swizz Beatz, Dame Lillard, Tyler the Creator

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Serpent, “The Mask Singer”
Courtesy of Fox


song: The Proliclers said, “I have to go (500 miles)
Power: “Flexible”
Weakness: “High fives”
voice over: “Super, friends?” A series of miraculous events took place to reach here. Starting when I was little. Naughty and devious, a troublemaker sneak. I was furiously slipping towards the path of destruction. But my platform saved me away from the wrong crowd and by sending me a one way ticket on the way to success. Kindle a fire inside me to aspire to new heights. I did not want to cause pain but heal the pain. And I hope to lift everyone’s spirits tonight. “
The panel is estimated by: John Legend, Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom Jr.

Here is Rourke’s Unmasking:

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