The mask disputes Staples leaves the customer with a broken leg when the woman throws him to the ground

Authorities said a 54-year-old woman from New Jersey suffered a broken leg after throwing her to the ground at Staples, which she wore a mask.

Police have released surveillance video from the incident at a Staples of Hackensack on Wednesday afternoon at 3:19 pm.

Margot Kagan of Teaneck told police that she was using a fax machine at the store when a woman wearing a mask under her mouth approached a machine next to her. According to police, Kagan had a liver transplant four months ago and was walking with a cane, asking the woman to put on her mask.

A detective from the Hackensack Police Department, Capt. Darin DeWitt, said, “The suspect got angry and yelled at the victim, who picked up her walking cane and pointed directly at the suspect.”

DeWitt said the woman yelled at Kagan, violently threw him to the ground and walked out of the store.

According to DeWitt, Kagan was taken to a hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured tibia.

Gov. Phil Murphy has said that all residents should cover face in shops.

Police is seeking to identify the suspect.

Kagan did not immediately respond to a voice message and several calls, including Friday’s comment.

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