The Mariners hedge their bets, walk in the bushes

The Mariners hit two zeros in seven innings of the game, totaling to zero runs, which has not won a baseball game in the entire game’s history. It can be a story, and it will be enough. He gave up nine runs on five walks, nine strikeouts and two home runs, scattered across Jimmy Yekabonis, Seth Frankf, and Brady Lyle, who formed the Chihuahua’s Cerebus, which failed to intimidate or hold on to a weak Oakland lineup in a game. Stayed. Struggled all year, and was without injury or rest its three more dangerous hitters. This, too, is something of a story, and would not be a shocking result at the start of the day given the state’s Sunday clash, which left the Seattle bullpen.

In a different game, the story also sheds light on repeated viewing from the game, which is no doubt a permanent memory, regardless of seasonal significance or the end result faded. Kyle Lewis, fresh off a game in which he led his team to victory with his bat, kept him on the hunt with his glove.

This is a catch that is qualified to make a team a champion, a rush to stand it up and warm it up, and no unfortunate soul is the spotlight to be sure. He went to where Griffe had gone.

Where Cameron followed.

Where the movement grew.

It was glorious. It was extraordinary and screaming extraordinary. Actually I stood up and screamed. An out-and-out game, defined as the first flurry of Sunday and today, was managed by what could have been disastrous. Keeping it at 1-0 after the first inning, galloping with the fervor and vigor of a rogue who knows what he has done, for a team that is clearly capable of trying their game 100%. Looks in form, no matter who is in the front office. Decides to fill the roster.

In part, this is the story of this game. Within a game of the Astros for a playoff berth, Seattle had the opportunity to snag two from an A club club. Pressed about the opportunity in the middle of the game, and who he would tap to start, Scott Cervais ripped off Wise.

It was not Logan Gilbert. Much has been said about Gilbert as an option, and I believe that he is at least one spot to be adequately prepared for the start, as well as all three horses thrown into the game. is better than. If there was a reason beyond the economics behind Plan A, Plan A of replacement level weapons in today’s time, rather than Gilbert, was not publicly given to anyone. It was not even Laz Newzom, which is set to start tomorrow instead of tomorrow. Newsome left his last start early after taking a line drive with his hand, although he had rested for five days, and while the club did not expect him to be fully healthy, it was not today, his turn of apology. The wire tall men were kinda weird.

This brings us to the unfortunate final story of today’s games. Despite the apparently limited set of weapons and at least one highly intriguing, competitive option, the games were not important enough for the Mariners to consider an alternative to an ailing balpen game. However, they have to be canceled or parked in an “very unhealthy” range despite an air quality index of 230 to 285 and very treacherous for many entities, including the well-known NFL healthier to continue operations. Are important. , Which draws the line at 200. Football is more intense than baseball in most instances, but the visuals were striking, a growing pain in the throat and head for any spectator in the Pacific Northwest, combined with eye-watering sensations, or just bad seeing the team play. looks like.

Many athletics players and staff were asked about the conditions between the games, and although we did not hear much from the Mariners players or coaches, A did not state words with his displeasure and disbelief that the games were being played .

Unfortunately, as we’ve already seen this year, MLB’s self-imposed schedule is irreversible, and whether or not it’s taking Brodie Van Wagenen “by mistake” makes the league’s priority No. 1 regular season as early as possible Is pushing beyond. , Without jeopardizing scheduling without the playoffs. This is a serious assessment, especially for a one-night replay, but they would be more attractive as a playoff gold pot if Seattle’s roster surprised their player’s development, pushing their schedule forward . Today could have been the playoff atmosphere, and while the atmosphere was the biggest problem, the club seems to soften a roster that has spun competition and intrigue in spite of itself. Today we saw the club recovering from both and overtaking, and we probably shouldn’t have seen anything.