The Mariners deliver brief rays of light through our smoke-penetrating dystopian nightmare, winning 7-3

I took a vacation last night and went to see some bubble friends to eat Thai food (a meal that I think is impossible to replicate satisfactorily at home) and do not play games located on the computer and this is the normal situation There was a brief, refreshing gasp of. . But then I climbed into the car to drive home and the second I walked into the Seattle city limits, I could feel the mist descending under the smoke, and then I wake up today in an angry ocher sky and the fretful cats Those who do not understand why they cannot go outside and crabbiness and spent another day indoors staring at the same four walls. So being very kind to the Mariners was to provide a distracting bright point – a little fresh air even when tightly locked against the smoke outside the window – by stamping the Arizona Diamondbacks at 7-3.

The odds against the Mariners were much felt: First, Justus Sheffield had yet to win a game on the road (or in his career!) This season. Secondly, the Mariners were facing Zac Gallen, who has been one of the better pitchers in the NL this short season. Galen gave up no more than three runs in one start throughout his career, setting an MLB record before the Giants set a high-water mark of four in his last start. Today the Mariners, after seeing Sodden Pixie sticks swinging for the last few matches, hit four runs on a gallon in their first innings. Baseball!

Despite making a gallon, DeLeon Moore, as a bad hitter of breaking stuff, fools around on a disgusting curbball to start the game, Ty France, a two-hole hitter, breaking a hanging in a 0–1 count. Got the ball and did what you are doing with a loop floppy sweeper:

It appears that Galen was not getting anything, who struggled with his command, Seeger turned around and then served Marmolez an RBI double on another hanging breaker, which hit a pitch in a deep ditch in the Arizona area. The pain was overcome by lap, Caesar Galen struggled to unload his cutter from a scoring debut, his fastball was leaking out, and his breaking balls didn’t bite him much. He walked Evan White in a 3–2 count and then Luis Torrance collected his first RBI as a Mariner, with around 96 in his hands:

It was the third hit of the innings and they were not, uh, un-hard-hit:

The Mariners added on in the second, when Gellan continued to show some frustration with the home plate ump’s zone and his own waving command. He loaded the bases on two singles for Phillip Irwin and Ty France and then went on consecutive kills to score his fifth run of the day for the Mariners. However, due to that damage the mariner can take all the damage. Killing the KO punch was a disturbing topic for the 2020 Mariners when given the opportunity to do so.

Justice Sheffield, wearing his Chef’s hat climb, Worked in three strong innings before getting into trouble in the fourth, when his command left him deserted. The trouble started with a change of 87 mph to Nick Ahmed at Center Field, followed by a five-pitch walk to Christian Walker. After a brief mound trip, Sheffield was bouncing, getting Eduardo Escobar on a 0–2 count, but the veteran reached down to make a change in center field. Then Wyatt Mathieson, who is apparently an MLB player and not a Confederate general, was rerouted to Sheffield’s first pitch – again right in the middle of the plate, with a 5/6 hole scout hitting a through two for. A manipulative Sheffield then followed Josh Onemeter on four pitches, prompting a mound trip, but then overturned Carson Kelly to swing the swing on a high fastball, and with Pavin Smith making his MLB debut, Turned off the field to end the inning. Damage.

In a refreshing change of pace, however, the Mariners offense lifted Sheffield into fifth; Seeger worked a four-pitch walk and then Jose Marmolez scored this ball Mu Lejos:

He is 106.8 eV, 412 feet, giving the Mariners a lead of five runs. I marmo-like it. To refresh his memory: The Mariners hit seven runs over Zac Gallon, who had never given more than four in his MLB career before. He is eating well ‘.

Dazed by his offense, Justice Sheffield bounced back in the fifth and got two quick blowouts, but then tried to get too cute with Christian Walker, trying to inbound him on a fastball in a 1-2 count for strikes. , But injured him. Instead. Use slidererrr, justus. It’s super effective! He would retire Escobar on a flyball anyway, and then in the sixth, with his pitch count, Justus would get his statement, out of the side on 11 pitches, two swings. He worked so fast that he got his seventh inning to work for the second time in a row, although Scheff was still scoring 93–94 in his fastball when the pitch count was in the 90s. A quick pounding Tim Locastro beat an infield hit on a slow roller, but beyond that Chef was untouched, not letting a ball leave the infield as he put it under the D-Back’s lineup. I mentioned in the source about the fact that I only seem to reinvent Just Sheffield, but since they are generally very good games, I should shut my ungrateful mouth.

The D-backs would get another run when Kendall Graveman eventually led off the inning with a double by Sheffield and Christian Walker, and then Arizona was able to run the short ball for a single, but Graveman and Hirano finished the put. Justus’s bow on the very well wrapped current. I wonder if he knows how to do the thing where the ribbon cries, crossing all four corners of the package? I never mastered that.

Smoke is not going anywhere for some time, and sadly neither are mariners. But tonight was a good palate-cleaner after some real loss, like drinking a tall cold glass of water after the smoke came out. Be safe, everyone.

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  • All of this is not news tonight, sadly. The Culls went 0-fer tonight, though Seeger accepted his nightly Kyle Seeger walk (2). KLew, unfortunately, continued to lose in the ROY race as his strike continued with two strikeouts and two GIDPs. Ouch.
  • Donovan Walton hit three ABSs tonight and swung the outing first pitch in two of them. For a man who stood up to be a pacekeeper at a summer camp, who saw a ton of pitchers, that seems like an approach? Just here is spitting.

  • Dylan Moore was shut down due to the dastardly yet predicted by Zac Gallen and Joanne Lopez to feed all the breaking balls. He recovered his night when Joel Pemps made a poor decision to throw him a high fastball that Bambaum shot back in the middle.
  • Evan White did not have a hit tonight, but he scandalized the game’s third hardest hit ball at 106 FP EV (.700 xBA). Unfortunately, it was right on an outfielder.
  • Speaking of hard-hit balls, Luis Torrance played four balls tonight; Three hit above 100 mph. If you want to read more about how easily Torrance has hit the ball recently, well I have it here for you!
  • Now for the opposite. Phillip Ervin got lucky with a check-swing double that slid down the RF line at 55.2 mph, not only the softest-hit ball of the night, but also the softest-hit extra base in MLB this season Was. Hey, it goes down as 2B in the scorebook.
  • Top prospect Pavin Smith made his MLB debut for Arizona tonight and recorded his first MLB hit against Hirano in the ninth, a grounder who found grass on the left. He also had the fifth hardest hit ball of the game, a fielder’s choice / force in the third.