The man with the "Big L" flag could be arrested if he brings him back to Miller Park

One of the most iconic games (and images) of the Brewers' season finale in 2018 was the day the fans unleashed a huge "L" flag after the Brewers beat the Cubs.

At 25 feet by 15 feet, it was not a small feat to get the thing inside Miller Park, considering the stadium's safety rules.

Part of the legend: originally introduced into the stadium with a Little Mermaid backpack, pbaded the metal detector test and security did not get it out of the bag. Later, he was zipped to the rails in front of section 235 and deployed when the Brewers won an 11-1 victory.

While there was generally a positive response from the fans (and even the players), the stadium staff made it clear that they would not be allowed to return to the park. Apparently, the Brewers have a limit on the size of the flags and banners that can be carried to the stadium (3 feet by 5 feet) and things got difficult at the end of the 2018 season when the Cubs fans said their "W" flags were being confiscated at the doors.

So that's what made the return of the Giant L so amazing on Friday night, and everything was orchestrated by the same guy. This time, he told our old friend Curt Hogg that he took some pretty drastic measures to get it in the building:

"We brought him in a backpack the first time, and they did not care," Ryan said. "We brought it in a second time, we did the same. They said that people complained, so the security guard did not let us in. "

A spokesman for the Brewers at the time said the decision was to avoid an exchange between fans of the Cubs and the Brewers bringing increasingly bigger and potentially more dangerous accessories to the stadium.

Ryan had a different plan this time: Saran wrap.

"This time, I just put (the flag) around me and wrapped it around Saran to make it as tight as possible," Ryan said. "Then I put on a bigger sweatshirt."

For the ninth inning, the flag unfolded and revealed itself again, this time in Section 438.

However, it seems that the security personnel may have had enough, and maybe due to these escalation fears, they are now threatening and arresting for entering without authorization if the flag re-enters the park.

On the one hand, the confrontational tone of many of the Brewers / Cubs games at Miller Park makes it understandable that the team does not want anything to fan the flames, especially a 375-square-foot flag. On the other hand, an arrest seems to be an overreaction when they could simply remove the flag, or ask him to leave the stadium if he tries again.

The fan says he plans to go to the games tonight and tomorrow, so we'll see if he tries to fool the stadium staff or if they're not kidding when it comes to not wanting a fan climbing slope.

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