The man with a chemically improved giant biceps faces amputation, …


PYATIGORSK, RUSSIA – A man who uses homemade injections to create huge biceps may face amputation due to health problems.

The Daily Mail reports that Kirill Tereshin, 21, of Russia claims that his "bazooka arms are about to fall off" after years of injecting them with a mixture of oil, lidocaine and alcohol.

In the posts of his Instagram account, Tereshin's arms appear red and purple. However, even after being warned by doctors about the possibility of amputation or paralysis, it is still being injected with the enhancers.

Tereshin says he used to inject 10 times a day.

"Not immediately, but it is very likely that he will face an amputation in the future." Professor Evgeny Lilin told the Daily Mail.

Over the years, Tereshin has increased the size of the biceps to 23 inches, with a target of 27 inches.

When asked why he continues to destroy his health with injections, Tereshin had a simple answer.

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