The man who murdered British backpacker Grace Milne abused two other women before his death

Millen met Kempson in December 2018 on a dating app. He was last seen in the center of Auckland and his body was later found by police in a bushy area west of the city.

A Tuesday verdict by the country’s top court meant an order to hide Kempson’s name. Was lifted – and It was revealed that his name was suppressed as he faced two other abuse tests.

According to a Supreme Court ruling, in October this year Kempson was convicted of several offenses against his former partner, including threatening to kill, assault with a weapon, and sexual abuse by unlawful sex. Kempson’s attorney, Tiffany Cooper, confirmed that Kempson has been sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for the offenses that occurred for the offenses.

Kempson was convicted of raping another woman found on the dating app Tinder following a separate trial in November, the decision shows. Cooper said he was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for the crime he had committed just months before Milan was killed.

Like Millen, the rape victim was also British, and was in New Zealand on work leave, Cooper said.

Kempson was given name suppression after he was convicted of killing Millen for not favoring the jury in his upcoming trials this year. Ultimately, Kempson opted for both cases – in front of a judge and without a jury trial.

Jesse Shane Kempson appears at the dock on February 21, 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand.

After the October and November trials he was found guilty, Kempson appealed to the Court of Appeal and then the Supreme Court to keep his name oppressed. In Tuesday’s ruling, the Supreme Court rejected his application to appeal the name suppression orders.

Cooper said Kempson is appealing his conviction and sentence for all three counts.

Death of grace

Milne was traveling around the world when he was murdered.

According to her family, she arrived in New Zealand on 20 November and “bombed” her family with a message of her adventures.

On December 1, 2018 – the eve of his 22nd birthday – Milne met Kempson and went to his hotel several times before leaving. She had been missing for more than a week before her body was found at the Waitacre Range in West Auckland.

During a trial last year, Milne’s lawyers argued that her death was accidental and occurred during “rough sex”.

The jury deliberated for four hours before deciding that Kempson was guilty of murder. They found Kempson strangling Milne, locked him in a suitcase, and then took his body to a wooded area.

“Overall, the circumstances of the murder showed a high degree of callgirlism, including the intimate nature of the killing,” New Zealand Courts said in a statement following his sentencing.

CNN’s Amy Woodayette contributed to this story.


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